Prescription is the label that pays me

Sharpen Your Dispensing Skills for Better Service and Client Satisfaction

This is short and brief. You literary need to be more than five times better than you are right now as a healthcare provider. With the internet and everyone getting basic education most of us are knowledgeable. It is possible for anyone to do a successful open-heart surgery in this century, only that it might […]

Why You Need a Yellow Fever Vaccine Jab

Yellow fever virus is endemic in tropical areas of Africa and Central and South America according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the historical occurrence of yellow fever in Kenya, the country continues to be classified internationally as a high-risk country for yellow fever transmission. The disease is transmitted by two types of […]

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Generic Drug and a Brand or “Original” Drug

Who regulates the distribution of medication in Kenya? The Pharmacy and Poisons Board is the body mandated by law under the Pharmacy and Poisons Act (cap 244) to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety, and well-being of members of the public by upholding standards and public trust in pharmacy. The board regulates the practice […]

Pesa Imepotea, “There is No Money!”

What does that actually mean? It is the economy, bro. You are used to buying a # 30-day refill but suddenly change to #14 or #7, or things get worse you begin #3 or #1. Patients are asking for cheaper drugs or going for generics. Generics do work and they are equally effective like the […]

The Life Cycle of a Pharm Tech

Wow! Haha! How to become a pharm tech? And die like a pharm tech. Pharmacy is the most trusted profession and this happens all the time. Most students take pharmacy at college for purposes of surviving in the job industry. They missed campus and now they want to make a difference in their lives, studying […]

Nothing to Dispense

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So today I am here thinking of writing about nothing. I am tired of reading these prescriptions; they are not making sense anymore. I have never been in this state of thought before. Today I am clueless af, let me put that ink on paper, then type it later. I […]

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