Vwani is a Nairobi based member of the healthcare team directly involved with patient care. He gets disturbed by two things, either your prescription is taking so long to be filled or it’s very expensive key focus being safe and effective medication use.

 In his free time, if that ever exists, Vwani utilizes the same to come up with ways he can improve his site or write an article for the site. There is essentially nothing best about Vwani but he is about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact means getting results, and influence spreading the passion for healthcare information & this together serving as an inspiration to the community.

Through his slogan, “Prescription is the LABEL that pays me” Vwani hopes to introduce you to new characters, new environments, new cultures, new philosophies and new ideas – a breath of fresh air to keep you initiated. Besides, Vwani offers heterogeneous mix of contemplations, tutorials, and articles which are intended to educate, inform and amuse-even inspire. In future he expects these articles will finally address a wide range of clinical issues, producing innovative new solutions and transforming the future of medicine.

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