Pesa Imepotea, “There is No Money!”

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What does that actually mean? It is the economy, bro. You are used to buying a # 30-day refill but suddenly change to #14 or #7, or things get worse you begin #3 or #1. Patients are asking for cheaper drugs or going for generics. Generics do work and they are equally effective like the brand drugs.

Folks depending on their grown kids for refills, remain silent after they run out of their Rx refills. It is the economy, bro. If they can’t afford #30, that means folks will be calling through for #7 translating to four weeks a month. Who wants to be bothered every week while they are broke? You are trying to survive so that you make ends after all.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect. It is the economy, bro. The first week you manage to get #7 pieces. The week that follows, you struggle and miss out some pills. You are not alone! Amazingly you manage to push through and survive. The next week you get another #7 and move on regardless of them saying you are not compliant. The last week of the month you do alternative days because the month is at the corner. For a refill with four or more drugs, the prescription gets more and more expensive.

Some patients kick out drugs they think are less critical especially painkillers and get them only when necessary. It is the economy, bro. Give me the first two leave out the last three. It might look like your doctor wrote some drugs you really don’t need, but the main aim is actually cutting down cost. You are not alone! People Google these days and surprisingly they only see doctors for a professional opinion or just to confirm what they previously know.

You have to save. It is the economy, bro. You don’t struggle with a very expensive prescription. As much as you need a better treatment outcome, a prescription you cannot afford will only frustrate you or at the end of the day, you don’t buy the medicines. Find ways of getting the prescription cheaper, ask for a better price or ask for a generic. Talk… Go back to your doctor he may suggest a better option that might cost less and affordable.

Some drugs are very expensive you might not be able to consider an alternative. Pambana na hali yako. Things will get better.

123 About Diabetes


A projected 300 million people around the world suffer from diabetes. Moreover, the number is set to rise dramatically. Prevention therefore stopping people from getting diabetes in the first place remains the best form of treatment. November being a diabetes awareness month it is advantageous to have your blood glucose reading checked.  This is a simple test, which can be easily done at your closest healthcare provider, pharmacy, laboratory or clinic. Checking the readings regularly for diabetic patients can make a big difference on how they manage the condition.

Diabetes is a long-term disorder characterized by a raised level of glucose {or sugar} in the blood. Permanently elevated blood sugar levels are the key indicator for this metabolic disorder. There are two main types of diabetes mellitus: diabetes mellitus type 1, which mostly affects younger adults, it is when the body cannot make insulin as most insulin-producing cells have been destroyed. The other type is type 2, which is often brought on by a poor diet and lack of exercise. For this case, the body cannot make enough insulin or the insulin produced cannot be used properly, usually occurs later in life but is becoming common in younger population.

Diabetes is a disease with severe complications; this can limit how people function physically. Elevated glucose levels cause long-term damage of kidneys, blood vessels, heart and nerves. Serious complications of diabetes mellitus include renal damage, heart attack, loss of sight, diabetic foot syndrome and even organ failure. In a worst case-scenario, diabetic foot leads to amputation.

I am glad a good number of diabetes patients in Kenya are not ignorant about their condition; most of them are compliant to medication and are cautious about their diet. Mostly diet is crucial in controlling blood glucose levels in combination with medication prescribed by a physician. On the other hand, it is alarming to hear about a group of people that is living in denial. It is always hard for them to understand that diabetes is a long-term condition and most of the time treatment is usually long term. These patients do not take their medications regularly leading to complications and uncontrolled blood glucose.

Just to note Kenyans do not have specific treatment guidelines for diabetes mellitus. This means most of the prescriptions prescribed are typically customized according to the patient’s response to treatment.  The prescriber adopts what works well for the patient; the prescription there after is tailored from time to time.

Happy diabetes month!


No Party Is Complete Without Booze And Girls!

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash
Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

No party is complete without booze and girls! Ha-ha! It iseither come with girls I have alcohol or come with alcohol I have girls.Alcohol must be the best discovery all time. No one, not even a pharmaceuticalcompany is yet to discover a molecular formula for a drink that brings peopletogether other than alcohol. The confidence and success alcohol generatesregardless of the situation is undisputed. Alcohol brings successful peopletogether just like it brings failures together also alcohol can put the richand the poor on the same table. Despite all this alcohol is rated one of themost dangerous drinks contributing to % of deaths every year.

Almost 90% of Kenyan youths living in Nairobi are taking alcohol more than three times a week some even on a daily basis. There is no complete party or gathering that is complete without alcohol, if it is not provided by the event organizers it will find its ways there since someone is always carrying their alcohol there. Some even contribute “changa ya mzinga” then send someone to buy and sneak it to the event.

Alcohol causes impaired judgment, and this is what everyone goes for when they are enjoying it not caring about the risk that comes with that. Excess alcohol drunk doesn’t kill since when a person takes it excess they will vomit it later but excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. Someone may die by inhaling the vomits. Through impaired judgment alcohol may lead to poor decision making that they might end up regretting later or worse lead to death.

Drinking and driving yourself home is not recommended as alcohol impairs vision or sometimes causes drowsiness which can lead to an accident. One may get HIV or STI by sleeping with a partner unplanned and not using a condom or if a condom is used changes are high it will not be used correctly. Too much alcohol can lead to dependency making them lose moral in family and work. This may cost someone their several years of marriage or their job. Girls can get unplanned pregnancies or get sexually violated by strangers.

Youths need to regulate their alcohol consumption and avoid peer pressure as that is what introduces many of them to that. Do not drink and drive, get someone to drive you home – get a taxi instead. Girls don’t go about drinking excessively by yourself have a close friend with you and if a stranger tells you to stay all night drinking with them tell him you have an early morning appointment with your gynecologist.

Why People Think Transchem Is Selling Counterfeit Drugs

More than 70% of clients on long-term prescription buy their medicines at transchem, or once in their lifetime when refilling their prescriptions, they have visited Transchem. Transchem is probably the cheapest and busiest pharmacy in Nairobi. They have a number of branches in Nairobi CBD with the latest opening on Moi Avenue. This is one of the oldest standing pharmacies in Nairobi boasting several years in the pharmaceutical business. Having well stocked with most pharmaceuticals especially rarely prescribed drugs, most chemists will refer a client to Transchem. Loyal clients would rather queue for long hours since they have assurance their prescription will be fully filled. Moreover, if they wanted a prescription for more than two months that would be done hassle free. So what makes people think they are selling counterfeits? T

They are cheap

It raises eyebrows and it is even confusing when you find out the same product/medicine has different prices in different chemists. In some places, you will find the price is half from what the previous pharmacy was selling. There is virtually no retail pharmacy offering better prices that match those of transchem, most of the time customers question this and depending on who is who, the narration is always different. Definitely, the take home answer is usually their medicines are fake.


When the prescription is open, the person selling medication can decide to dispense either generics or branded drugs depending on what is available. Branded drugs are usually referred to as original which brings out the impressions that the other drugs (generics are fake).  A good scenario is for instance a client buys medicine at transchem (buys half) and he or she is given generics, then when goes back to refill the other half he walks to a different chemist whereby they don’t dispense the same generics. Confusions like this will always paint a previous pharmacy badly. Most people still don’t know the difference between a generic and a branded drug.

Humble customer care

Cheap is expensive, transchem is always crowded from the time they open up to when they close in the evening. Handling a huge and impatient group of people that is shouting at you is very challenging. This sometimes leaves out most of the customers 50% satisfied. The process of giving your prescription on one side then your drugs are prepared and finally your name is called through a microphone so that you can pick your drugs is always awkward.

Rumors and propaganda

Adverse drug effects can be over reported. A simple drug side effect misinterpreted for poor quality medication. A drug with a short expiry is said to have over stayed on the shelf for long making a patient to react to it. One drug that is not registered by the pharmacy and poisons board equals all their drugs are fake. Please come with a proper prescription translates to unfriendly staff. Not being able to read a poorly written prescription means the person selling is not qualified.


Success comes along with more enemies than friends, most of then will want to see you go down. Having a business that has been consistent for years doesn’t make people feel good about you.

EasyMax Is A Low Cost Blood Glucose Testing Kit With Great Specks


EASYMAX is a glucose monitoring kit that comes in two types, Easymax mini and Easymax MU.  Easymax mini for personal use at home to track glucose readings for one user and Easymax MU for multiple users as the name suggests i.e. clinics, hospitals or any place where several testing is done. The MU meter has special features from mini, a strip ejector and a USB port to help transfer patient data to PC. Easy max mini is a glucose monitor for home use. It is intended for adults (over age 18) diabetic or pre-diabetic patients. Pre-Diabetic patients can use the glucometer as an informative tool that can assist in the prevention or delay of diabetes and its related costs.

 Easy max proposes more remarkable advantages, leading to fulfilling an unmet need of self-monitoring of blood glucose. It is easy to use, the device enables and encourages users to check their glucose readings more frequently, with less pain or incremental cost. With its relatively low cost, keeping check of blood-glucose is simple. Once the blood sample is provided, the device transmits the results within 5 seconds. The user can take the sample from the fingertip of the forearm and besides the fingertip, the user has an option of testing other places of the body, he or she can alternatively test the forearm or palm. Only a small amount of blood sample is needed for the device to analyze, 0.6ug to be specific and can measure sugar levels between 1.1-35.0mmol/L.

Testing your blood glucose regularly can make a big difference in how you manage your diabetes every day. Easymax mini self-monitoring blood glucose system is designed to be reliable, user-friendly and efficient to help you monitor your blood glucose on a regular basis. The meter is small easy to carry especially when you are travelling. EasyMax works on a unique principle of electrochemical biosensor technology with unique added features hardly found in most glucometers i.e. before meals, after meals and time symbols to help know what time a certain test was taken.

EasyMax is available in major distributors and wholesalers within Nairobi. If you would like to purchase EasyMax monitoring products such as meters and strips, request your local pharmacy or chemist to order for you. In case need help on how to use the meter; your healthcare provider can take you through the steps on how to use the same.

Do you need a glucometer?