Nothing to Dispense

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nothing to dispense

So today I am here thinking of writing about nothing. I am tired of reading these prescriptions; they are not making sense anymore. I have never been in this state of thought before. Today I am clueless af, let me put that ink on paper, then type it later. I must be high on something, Ooh and those prescriptions are goanna fill themselves.

Being in an empty thought of action is equivalent to being in an unlimited longer duration of happiness. Moreover, it is unpaid for, essentially it is having a lifetime free plan with no monthly or whatever subscription. Lately everyone is willing to pay for anything that has a prolonged duration of action, yes nice and slow release and of course beneficial. To some up that all long paragraph in one sentence effectiveness is key. What else do you need other than pleasure lasting longer?

The third paragraph is typically the climax, ooh yeah so I could do this. I have done this and the feeling is amazing. As this is sinking in, it is not about time I am dropping my pen, wait for another day to do what again if I am not going to finish this now. Imagine doing this without being on any prescription from a GP… what if I was on prescription huh! Alternatively, probably on an OTC syrup maximum dose doubled in one take. Shit can be amazing in any way you want it to be.

So once again, well I mean as we are cooling this down without water or a non-alcoholic soft beverage, let us not forget we are just passing time. Let nobody tell you that you need to calm down while you have no idea why you are supposed to calm down. Being on a fast onset of action and short duration of action should not worry anyone like we just did in less than 10 minutes.

10 Things That Happened in 2018 we are Soon Forgetting About

Photo by Julie Tupas on Unsplash

Finally am posting something in 2019! I wanted to post this a.s.a.p. so that I concentrate on other things as we kick off the year but unfortunately that did not happen. There is a lot I missed to write about that I think I should have at least written something about. I came up with this list as a reminder on some of the things that I missed and which certainly might shape up 2019.  It is not a regular post but I am excited it is somehow going to act like a reference point to some of the things that might come up in 2019 and the future. At some point I wanted to add links, but then I all of a sudden changed my mind.

Codeine based cough syrups moved from OTC to Rx raising the street value of benylin with codeine; addicts were left with no supplies as the PPB continues to tighten its belt.

The PPB improves its website to see pharmaceutical practitioners access most of their manual paper work through a fast developed portal.

GPL opens more pharmacies expanding its chain pharmacy to a dozen more stores in Nairobi and upcountry, also becomes the first pharmacy in Kenya to pull a TV ad.

2018 came to an end with a stimulating debate when it emerged that researchers in China had created the world’s first CRISPR gene edited babies.

What’s the benefit of the internet with frequent cyber bullying? In May 2018 the government of Kenya signed into law the Computer and Cyber Crime Act into law.

Mental health becomes a serious topic of discussion on social media.

KNH amazes everyone after a baby is stolen from the hospital only a day later to be found in Kawagware after news of the loss went viral.

Nairobi governor Mike sonko gives Pumwani hospital an impromptu visit then finds 12 dead babies hidden at hospital, this gave everyone divided views about the quality of treatment in the hospital.

Marie stops Kenya controversial ad leaves Kenyans with no words to say. The ad was about “helping” a pregnant young woman take care of an unplanned pregnancy. No one knew what exactly they meant by helping but at the end of the day the Kenya films and classification board so it pulled down.

Medics east Africa changed their tradition location from Oshwal Centre to KICC due to unavoidable circumstances which turned out to be a more convenient location for visitors although the number of exhibitors has since reduced compared to previous medical shows.

Cap 244 To Give More Room For Pharmaceutical Imports

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

There is always the perception that when you have your own pharmaceutical company which is importing products into the country then you might just be making more than 100% profits. This is true. Cap 244 well known as the pharmacy and poisons act is being reviewed for some considerations and that is either going to be good news or bad news once the health bill reaches parliament. The constitution may give equal rights both for the diploma holder and degree holder to import and do wholesale distribution of poisons. This is where the mess begins at. Some pharmaceutical practitioners have a feeling this is going to be a key to numerous unlimited possibilities.

The pharmaceutical business is doing well; there is so much hope for more success in the coming years. Experts and experienced professions on the other hand are worried a tweak on cap 244 could bring down the healthcare system in no time. There is less or no research going on and the number of professional healthcare think tanks keeps going down as new graduates come in to the industry. This could derail one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s strategic objectives, that is, Universal Health Coverage. As a pillar for the Big Four Agenda the main aim is to develop the country’s healthcare system and provide all Kenyans with access to quality and affordable healthcare. This could be achieved by allowing more people to import but unfortunately the benefits could outweigh the risks.

The health CS thinks this may disorient the Pharmacy and Poisons Board main goal which is, “to make better provision for the control of the profession of pharmacy and the trade in drugs and poisons”

“If we already have challenges with the few that are importing what about giving more room…” The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Health, Sicily Kariuki views on the healthcare bill.

There is mixed feelings out there among pharmaceutical practitioners on this topic, anyway a few issues for a fact are going to come up; There is going to be no research with great business. Uncontrolled reckless importing of drugs could lead to more generics & some substandard drugs. Trust issues between the consumer and pharmaceutical practitioner might even become worse. We will have a controlled drug crisis. Patients might get access to cheaper medicines whereby the quality can’t be guaranteed.

May any changes being made be to the best interest of the public, the future is in our hands, decisions made now are the ones that determine our future.


Is Livia app going to be the solution for ePrescribing?

In summary

  • Livia app is a platform that links patients/clients to chemists or pharmacies targeting 100,000 users.
  • The app is being launched in Nairobi after successful in Mombasa.
  • Livia is location based where chemists within proximity of two kilometers can be reached.

Have you ever wanted to buy medication online but after surfing the web for hours you couldn’t find any site you that are significant. Well Livia app may possibly be the solution for you, this app in actual fact acts as a nexus between you the client to the most affordable and closest chemist to you. The platform is one innovative step in the history of Kenyan healthcare that is cost effective and allows a client fill a prescription at the comfort of their bed, office or wherever it is.

The app comes in two versions, Livia for chemists and Livia dawa app meant for the person purchasing the medicines. Dr. Samuel Murawoj, CEO Livia app during the app launch with healthcare providers said the app is not just a basic app but is meant to generally put several users on the same platform i.e. patients, new visitors to the country (tourists), chemists, doctors and even insurance providers.

Livia app is extremely easy to use by anyone with a smart phone, it is location based almost in the same way as uber, air bnb and Pokemon Go where the user taps to find the nearest chemist within a two kilometer radius. All the user needs to do is submit his order and chemist close by can give their quotations. The chemist with all the medicines and the cheapest will be selected, medication is then supplied once the person as paid. Payment may be done via mpesa or cash at the chemist selected once the client has been notified the order is ready.

In healthcare events, the most important individual is usually the patient and thus livia app is all about quality and efficiency to serve the basic needs of a client that’s why it’s creating partnership with big, reputable, affordable and well stocked chemists in Nairobi like Transchem, Salama, Malibu, Pentapharm, Hartlane, Haltons, New Lemuma, and Twinkle etc. The selected chemists are required to fully fill a prescription order and make sure it has been delivered to the customer on time, poor service may lead to lower ratings or eventually the chemist may be blacklisted and if the same trend is repeated severally the chemist is completely removed from the platform. The customer can rate a chemist one stars or up to five stars after receiving their order based on the quality of service experienced.

Livia also handles insurance clients; this made Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) chair, Dr. Mwaniki challenge Dr. Murawoj whether he is prepared to handle slow payments usually two to three months. The company CEO assured the members at the conference during the training of the app launch stating clearly that Livia will handle the insurance part and follow app with the payments as chemists deliver medicines and provide service. He added that on their side they’ll try to negotiate with the said insurers to reduce the period to one month to avoid delayed payments. And of course payments to chemist remain as agreed with the chemists.

NB; Chemists mentioned on the article are just a few that attended the Livia app training on Saturday 27th May 2017, Livia app will be coming to your chemists very soon.

There will be positive advancement for the app in future for patients and healthcare centers like hospitals to ensure excellent relationship where doctors will be able to do ePrescribing a feature that is expected to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

The Livia app is available on Google Play and App Store for download both for android and apple. You’ll find it in two versions, Livia Dawa App & Livia for Chemists by Neotech Kenya Ltd.




The Future Of Pharmacy Is ePharmacy

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

“I need some medicine from your pharmacy, and do you guys deliver?” These days’ customers call with that special request of whether you can deliver. We are moving to an error where everyone wants everything to be delivered where they are. Despite the disappointments that come with shopping online, most people prefer buying items online because of the convenience. Online pharmacies have their own challenges especially with OTC medicines and self-prescribing. We have also drugs which require special instructions; most of the time that is overlooked assuming the patient person buying understands how the dawas are to be taken.

Nevertheless, the future of pharmacy is going to be ePharmacy in a few years to come. Prescription refills are expected to be completed more, at the moment most online pharmacies are selling OTC and beauty products. Patients still assume online meds are not genuine and this might take more time for them to build trust. Since technology and innovations don’t keep a pace with our expectations, it can seem forever for us to adapt with online pharmaceutical shopping, this means online pharmacies have to be patient for a while as their businesses grow. Good news is, guys setting up online stores at this very moment will be enjoying fruits of their endurance.

So, now that the future of pharmacy is epharmacy, so what? Or why am I taking about this? This is because I believe this is the best pharmacy could have and I am sure this will be the best experience ever. Everyone feels the need to save time, having medicine delivered to where you are is definitely stress free. Imagine contacting your doctor while you are in the house, a prescription is send to your device then you forward it to an online pharmacy then in less than 45 minutes medication is delivered to you without you leaving the house. Although this might change the way we interact it is still cool, for instance the face to face chat between healthcare provider and patient could fade off.

Let us hope expecting this will have a positive impact in future. It is a good feeling to find out that a number of ePharmacies are doing just fine. I should mention that, it is for them that we can now picture our future different. And it is important to note that we are headed somewhere, I am sure there is a lot to explore for us humans.

Late Rxs Are The Worst

Your prescription is a few minutes away, fatigued that city is for you and me to nourish. One hundred metres down the valley of paradise then climb. A beautiful city stands majestically and squarely on a piece of prime land owned by who knows what. Walking, walking Johnny Walker got tired with alcohol and where is he now? Liquor is bad, profits made with never ending money bottle after bottle. Left side state of art edifice, cascade hypnotically onto the hypothesis most secure path. Nauseating, looking down at the economic progress.

Uncontainable metastatic dripping melanin flowing leisurely on meticulously prepared virgin land to provide a nexus between the two gradients. The white caps protecting busy golfers hitting towards the arena from the sun rays. A fleet of parked waits on the upper lane toward the arena waits for traffic to open up as hawkers figure out ways they can put bread on the table. The course is tranquil concealed in green beautiful trees.

Incised half way through time is not on my side, eat-exercise-limit. Oops! I can’t recall that, “say that again?” Eat, and ooh yeah limit that alcohol intake. Sweat pouring in between my arms; I am probably burning some calories. Slow down, breath in, breath out… I have to deal with this since the sun is setting as the day begins. Slap that sick shoe on the ground, which is not enough you are looking messy huh. Sorry but you got no option but to deal with that.

Late Rxs are the worst. Your doctor wasted your eight plus hours at the clinic but you want that prescription to be filled in thirty seconds because of time. Then we reach the point of bargaining, can that price be lower is the same as “how do I take the meds?” The meds sometimes turn out to be more important than the doctor, how crazy is that? Random I have forgotten my prescription and other stories follow up later, I assume for a case like the one that nothing much can be achieved.

Clears glasses with tissue then wears them back fitting them in position with the index finger. I need to bath of this sweat so that we can begin the day. That playlist should be playing in the background as I flex again before I take that cold shower. I must be there on time for that prescription.