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List Of Top 10 Most Abused Prescription Drugs

This is a list of prescription drugs mostly abused either through fake prescriptions or through refill of one prescription more than once. Prolonged used of these medication leads to addiction and dependence. Emergency contraceptives (P2s) are raising concern since the use is getting out of control. A majority of young adults is using it more […]

Liebster Award – Thanks

I don’t usually write midweek since most of my free days are weekends. So this week I was nominated for some award! The award is not about me not prescribing controlled drugs, I have not heard of it before and this makes it interestingly an award I should look forward to. Liebster is a German […]

Can I Buy A Prescription Drug Without A Prescription & Other Short Stories

The subject of drug abuse is so tender that we cannot pause to discuss about drug misuse.  Drug addiction is a state of physical or psychological dependence on a drug. This is a sympathetic problem and it is upsetting to find out that youth, young parents and quite a number of the older generation are […]

Great Prospects As Cosmos Pharmaceuticals Introduces More Generics

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is expensive, your physician has prescribed medication, mostly multinational brands which turn out to be very costly for your pocket. Most multinational brands happen to be very expensive in Kenya and sometimes finding a cheaper generic drug is hard. Well, Cosmos Kenya is giving patients more options by introducing a wide range of […]

Hints To Why YOU And NOT Your Healthcare Provider Determines What Gets Into Your Body

Public hospitals often dispense predictable prescriptions. It is wearisome seeing the same prescription dispensed more than five times to different patients same day, of course you will have so many assumptions. If you are working in hospital setting, you may have to force yourself to learn how to deal with too much repetition. Despite all […]

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