Why People Think Transchem Is Selling Counterfeit Drugs

More than 70% of clients on long-term prescription buy their medicines at transchem, or once in their lifetime when refilling their prescriptions, they have visited Transchem. Transchem is probably the cheapest and busiest pharmacy in Nairobi. They have a number of branches in Nairobi CBD with the latest opening on Moi Avenue. This is one […]

Is Livia app going to be the solution for ePrescribing?

In summary Livia app is a platform that links patients/clients to chemists or pharmacies targeting 100,000 users. The app is being launched in Nairobi after successful in Mombasa. Livia is location based where chemists within proximity of two kilometers can be reached. Have you ever wanted to buy medication online but after surfing the web […]

The Future Of Pharmacy Is ePharmacy

“I need some medicine from your pharmacy, and do you guys deliver?” These days’ customers call with that special request of whether you can deliver. We are moving to an error where everyone wants everything to be delivered where they are. Despite the disappointments that come with shopping online, most people prefer buying items online […]