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Types Of Prescriptions

How we classify prescriptions is taking new shape, we may classify prescriptions according to age or diagnosis both of which are determined by the prescriber. After studying a number of prescriptions, I found a new way we can classify prescriptions I thought it would be interesting to share. If you are new in the pharmacy […]

Sanofi Swaps Products With Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim swapped its consumer healthcare products for animal health products from Sanofi Aventis. This means, Boehringer Ingelheim sold its consumer healthcare products range to Sanofi while Sanofi on the other hand sold its animal health part to Boehringer. Sanofi Aventis is known for offering the most advanced, exceptionally versatile and superior pharmaceutical products. This […]

How Is Acnes Mentholatum Doing In Nairobi?

Acnes is currently the best-selling and fast moving beauty product for acne or pimples. Comes as acnes metholatum set and acnes treatment set is what most ladies are going for in beauty shops and supermarkets. With a few months of thorough advertisements in the streets I thought it’s time for; how is Acnes doing in […]

What To Check For When Looking For A Blood Testing Kit

Blood glucose checkup is necessary for knowing whether your glucose levels are well controlled and if the medication you are taking is working. Most patients have a challenge in choosing between glucometers, there are many glucometers in the market and it is confusing choosing a reliable home testing glucometer. Most patients end up purchasing glucometers […]

Is Livia app going to be the solution for ePrescribing?

In summary Livia app is a platform that links patients/clients to chemists or pharmacies targeting 100,000 users. The app is being launched in Nairobi after a successful launch in Mombasa. Livia is location-based where chemists within proximity of two kilometers can be reached. Have you ever wanted to buy medication online but after surfing the […]

Late Hours Prescription Refills

While everyone else whines about income inequality, I’m something about it. I’m looking for a side hassle, it is shocking that my brain can’t wrap around exactly how this could be. I need to cater to the desires of my heart which seems to mostly involve spending more time on the internet clicking links. To […]

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