List Of Top 10 Most Abused Prescription Drugs

This is a list of prescription drugs mostly abused either through fake prescriptions or through refill of one prescription more than once. Prolonged used of these medication leads to addiction and dependence. Emergency contraceptives (P2s) are raising concern since the use is getting out of control. A majority of young adults is using it more […]

Night Time Over The Counter (OTC) Cough Suppressant Is Now Prescription Only Medicine (POM)

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board has banned Benylin with codeine alongside other cough suppressants that contain codeine phosphate as the active ingredient. This means you will need a valid prescription from a physician for you to get a bottle of the same. This is good news and at the same time bad news, good news […]

New Improved Pharmacy And Poisons Board Website To Saves Time

The other day I was checking the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) website; I am so impressed they finally upgraded the design of their website. Usually when I am browsing through any website, my concentration primarily is always on the design more rather than the content. The site amazed me when I first clicked the […]

Can I Buy A Prescription Drug Without A Prescription & Other Short Stories

The subject of drug abuse is so tender that we cannot pause to discuss about drug misuse.  Drug addiction is a state of physical or psychological dependence on a drug. This is a sympathetic problem and it is upsetting to find out that youth, young parents and quite a number of the older generation are […]