Prescription is the label that pays me

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Kenyan Hospitals Need Prescription Refill Containers

Perfectly filling a prescription should not be the only aim of the pharmacist. How the medication is packaged is very vital for the patient before he or she takes them home . The package should keep the medication in perfect and favorable conditions until the whole dosage has been consumed. I’m not trying to be […]

Response Is Perspective

By Peter Wanga At the heart of communication lies facets that make it expedient, we bear our personality with us wherever we go, to school, to work, in a relationship… Everywhere.The whole conception of communication is the honor of God, which is one of the intangible elements that connects us to him and defines as […]

Crack Down On Medical Quacks

The ongoing crackdown on health practitioners operating without licenses and those not qualified in pharmacies and medical centers within Nairobi has seen shut down of multiple medical businesses that had mushroomed within the city suburbs, as many have since found themselves on the wrong side of pharmacy and poisons board law. This action has been […]

Conjugal Rights Verses Sleep

Medics recommend that a medical student should have scored highly in Chemistry for them to take part in any medical course. The student should also posses great capability in keen observation of practical experiments especially the tail part which is the most significant, mostly students take it for granted. The chemistry behind love works almost […]


Sell of postinor 2 and condoms on the rise on public holidays and weekends. A research across a number of chemists in Nairobi reveals that many people buy condoms and contraceptives at the end of the month or public holidays as the demand for these is always high at these periods. One of the pharmacist […]

Can I Use Carolight Cream Or Mediven S For Light Skin?

  Reading through an article the other Saturday on the standard pullout – woman instinct, the words of Ajuma Nasenyana the queen of African beauty caught my eyes, she hails from the part of Africa where habitants are considered to be the darkest but she was not petrified of venturing into modeling, an industry mostly dominated by the […]

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