Kenyan Hospitals Need Prescription Refill Containers

container prescription refill

Perfectly filling a prescription should not be the only aim of the pharmacist. How the medication is packaged is very vital for the patient before he or she takes them home . The package should keep the medication in perfect and favorable conditions until the whole dosage has been consumed.

I’m not trying to be rude discussing something we all both already know but this to me feels like diarrhoea, I don’t mean verbal diarrhoea incase you are thinking ahead of me. Most community pharmacies in kenya have almost 91% of there medications packaged in blister packs, this is not similar to what happens in our most depended government hospitals where the same comes in large containers and has to be prepacked into small packs. Not that I’m trying to say this is bad but what if Kenyans adopted plastic container prescription refill packages. I understand I’m not putting this across well, anyway most CCCs use refill bottles for ARVs it has worked! The issue of cost I know is tricky, and also space when it comes to container packaging, on the other hand I’m not implying that all drugs should come packed in containers. We are all always trying to cut down cost and make healthcare provision affordable however efficiency is always better.

Well, it doesn’t make sense having to package medication to be used for five days in containers since the containers will be irrelevant after five days. These containers come in handy for medication like antipychotics , antihypertensives , antidiabetes e.t.c… I mean medications that have to be taken for more than a month. It would be much easier and convenient if these containers were used in such scenarios, you carry your container to the pharmacy, your monthly dose is filled.

I know of some goon somewhere trying to say, ‘ooh! This guy is trying to market company X or Y with intentions of supplying containers’ … No. It’s only that the ideas didn’t sink into your skull. I know most pharmacists prefer blister packs to counting tablets each time a client comes to refill their monthly dose. Yea it’s awkward as a pharmacist to be seen counting tablets especially when you in a hurry and tablets keep falling on the floor and you have to pick then up.

The government has tried to some level, plastic packs keep medication free of moisture, it has helped in most hospitals. The major challenge is instructions written on these kind of packs gets erased easily soon before the patient finishes their dose. This is very confusing when the patient forgets how the drugs are supposed to be taken and the combination is of three or more drugs.

Response Is Perspective

By Peter Wanga

At the heart of communication lies facets that make it expedient, we bear our personality with us wherever we go, to school, to work, in a relationship… Everywhere.
The whole conception of communication is the honor of God, which is one of the intangible elements that connects us to him and defines as us human beings. The core of communication builds itself in three foundations; attitude, listening (perception) and response.

Attitude is the expression of favour or disfavour towards a person, thing or event. How should we feel? Regardless of how we feel at any given moment, our goal at the end of the end of the conversation for instance should be of positive outcome, any conversation should always open and inspire our mind.

The reason we have two ears and one mouth is because we are meant to listen more than talk. We should always take amble time to listen without divided attention to whatever the point the person we are conversing with is trying to bring up.This allows time to understand and give correct response after getting the right perspective of the subject matter at hand.

Response being the high note of a conversation sugar coats the foundations of communication after considering the first two aspects, response automatically sums up everything. Depending on the situation a conversation begins at, our attitude will determine the success of the response from the other party

In conclusion despite our misgiving or perception, or person we are communicating with, for a happy ending the success or correct standing depends on which stand we take while communicating. Happiness is no magic billet but evidence is clear and compelling that it changes our odds of getting disease or dying young. Actually attitude protects us against poor health later in life and may be a powerful antidote to stress pain and illness.

Crack Down On Medical Quacks

The ongoing crackdown on health practitioners operating without licenses and those not qualified in pharmacies and medical centers within Nairobi has seen shut down of multiple medical businesses that had mushroomed within the city suburbs, as many have since found themselves on the wrong side of pharmacy and poisons board law. This action has been taken to ensure quality healthcare is provided as required by the profession.

The common trend by many people  of acquiring medication without prescription from a physician is said to be the major setback in providing quality healthcare. Usually the client or patient explains what he or she is feeling and from the symptoms the pharmacist dispenses medication. This appears to save time and money that would have been spent consulting the doctor. However things have always turned out differently, although in an ideal situation you should be able to trust that you have been given correct medication, have you ever stopped to ask yourself these questions; Is this medication right for my condition? Is the person selling medication to me qualified?

The pharmacist too can take wrong diagnosis since he is in a hurry to clear the queue of impatient waiting clients. Ponder this, you are trying to save money, you go to a pharmacy and medication is prescribed to you, you are given wrong medication to take home, your situation worsens and you are forced to see the doctor you had ignored at first. The bill becomes huge since you have to pay more for consultation and  medication again.

Sometimes some people are reckless when it comes to taking hypertensive medication. It can be tricky adjusting to antihypertensives but this doesn’t make it such a serious condition … but some people can make it be. There are people who fail to understand there situation and keep walking from one pharmacy to another seeking unprofessional assistance instead of sticking to one doctor. Most fake operating practitioners are not keen to observe there medical history. This is the reason the pharmacy and poisons board insists prescription medication be dispensed only through prescription from physician

Conjugal Rights Verses Sleep

Medics recommend that a medical student should have scored highly in Chemistry for them to take part in any medical course. The student should also posses great capability in keen observation of practical experiments especially the tail part which is the most significant, mostly students take it for granted.

The chemistry behind love works almost through the same vein as this. At the beginning everything is enthralling but towards  the end the potency of love keeps diminishing. Terms like ‘from a region of high concentration to low’ can crop in at some point to define a trend of a certain relationship. I’m not saying love is some kind of experiment… No_

There is this growing trend among long time couples to have separate beds, for most adolescents this gives an impression of folks trying to keep their bedroom affairs discrete. The truth of the matter is most couples find it difficult sleeping in the same bed.

Women are the core victims and are usually on the front line to petition for separate beds or bedrooms. It is difficult to get good sleep when locked into each other. The idea of women being fond of holding to teddy bears at night doesn’t mean they would to be held all night long … actually it is unhealthy.

Sleep is very important, after attending to conjugal obligations everyone should retreat to there side and sleep. Although sociologists claim that most women would want to caressed after sex, most of them find it a chore as they only prefer to be cuddled less.

How about an ambush from slumber by a horny partner? Not all women are at ease with this. It is obvious that men and women have different sleeping patterns from biology, and when a woman is startled from sleep by his partner this could mean she’ll scuffle for sleep as her man by her side snoring.

So… There is always another options when you are just about to say “I’ll spend the night on the sofa.



Sell of postinor 2 and condoms on the rise on public holidays and weekends. A research across a number of chemists in Nairobi reveals that many people buy condoms and contraceptives at the end of the month or public holidays as the demand for these is always high at these periods. One of the pharmacist interviewed said that he sold more condoms on Fridays and on Mondays more emergency contraceptives were bought from his pharmacy. This is always the trend every month – every year.

He also noted that the age group that dominates this trend is the youth between ages 20 and 30. The elderly are too not left out he adds, he discovered that a majority of them buy Viagra and cialis to boost their orgasm. Mr. Nzioka a medical officer says this trend is worrying because these are the same men who lure young girls who are sexually active with easy money and making it easy for spread of the deadly HIV/Aids virus among younger and older partners.

The main drive for this Becky a resident in Nairobi says is the drive for money. She claims many girls are up for easy money and are potential bait for men who have just earned the sweet of their own labor. These girls find it easy obtaining money from men at the beginning of the month because most men have barely anything at the end of the month. They want it fat and still fresh.

As the government tries to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS it is good that people are taking the necessary precautions, but it can’t be figured out what happens in between the month.

Can I Use Carolight Cream Or Mediven S For Light Skin?


Reading through an article the other Saturday on the standard pullout – woman instinct, the words of Ajuma Nasenyana the queen of African beauty caught my eyes, she hails from the part of Africa where habitants are considered to be the darkest but she was not petrified of venturing into modeling, an industry mostly dominated by the light skinned females. For most women they would think about acquiring cosmetics to bleach there skin. For Ajuma, seeing her tower above the international catwalk for eight years was not easy, she admits “growing up I often felt like the ugly duckling simply because I did not fit into the mould of what society defines beauty by. The issue of skin colour is one of those things that no one likes to talk about, yet so many girls suffer because of it”

Due to this and everyone glorifying the beauty of the girl child so many girls have succumbed to exposing themselves into dangerous bleaching products. I came across a young pretty girl who wanted something to lighten her skin colour, for a moment I thought she was crazy, she insisted on Mediven S because a friend had recommended it. But why Mediven S? It contains betamethasone  dipropionate BP 0.05% and salicylic acid 3%  – a potent steroid causing thinning of the skin. I remembered vividly how a friend of mine had tried using Mediven S to stop pimples on his face, the results were excellent but when he stopped the pimples came back with retribution. I was lukewarm on whether it was going to give good results or not but instead I watched her go experiment it on herself. I still do not know the outcome then after. Nevertheless there are people who say they have applied it and results were good.

I had not finished pondering about this when I got a text message from a friend who wanted to know if there is anything she could apply on her face because of black spots and small swelling she got after applying a cream called carolight. I got confused at first but at the same time this sounded interesting. Later I learned that Carolight cream is a bleaching cream which can transform dark skin to light skin and contains essentially hydroquinone 4.2% which can pose a threat if applied over a long period of time. She had used it roughly for a period of three months. I wished these two could have met. I realized the reason why one needs to try out a new cosmetic on a small area before applying on a large area and best skin is ones natural skin the way it is without adulterants.

It’s obvious that every woman is distinctive, and something that may agree with one individual can be totally lethal to another.

I’m yet to define the word beauty, I not sure if it is light skin or dark skin.