Prescription is the label that pays me

Nairobi Pharmacy Internships, Be Ready!

Proper internship is foundation to building an individual’s future career. The best place to get your pharmacy internship is either community pharmacy within the Nairobi CBD or a hospital setting. Kenyan campuses and institutions providing pharmacy training recommend a student goes through industry, community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. Most big pharmacies stock almost all the […]

Here is (5) Five Easy Ways that Can Help Prevent Stock Loss in the Pharmacy

Most pharmacies have closed business because of not managing well their stock. Stock loses can occur due to theft by staff, poor receiving, selling and not charging the client or through expired medicines. Being able to reduce some of these loses and common errors can help prevent stock loss and eventually helping a pharmacy grow […]

10 Things That Happened in 2018 we are Soon Forgetting About

Finally am posting something in 2019! I wanted to post this a.s.a.p. so that I concentrate on other things as we kick off the year but unfortunately that did not happen. There is a lot I missed to write about that I think I should have at least written something about. I came up with […]

How To Bargain In The Pharmacy

“You are very expensive, by the way you are too expensive” regardless of the pharmacy most customers will always say the prices are high. So many customers if not all think that by saying another pharmacy is selling the same medicines at a cheaper price is the most effective way of forcing a pharmacy to […]

Cap 244 To Give More Room For Pharmaceutical Imports

There is always the perception that when you have your own pharmaceutical company which is importing products into the country then you might just be making more than 100% profits. This is true. Cap 244 well known as the pharmacy and poisons act is being reviewed for some considerations and that is either going to […]

123 About Diabetes

  A projected 300 million people around the world suffer from diabetes. Moreover, the number is set to rise dramatically. Prevention therefore stopping people from getting diabetes in the first place remains the best form of treatment. November being a diabetes awareness month it is advantageous to have your blood glucose reading checked.  This is […]

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