No Party Is Complete Without Booze And Girls!

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash
Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

No party is complete without booze and girls! Ha-ha! It iseither come with girls I have alcohol or come with alcohol I have girls.Alcohol must be the best discovery all time. No one, not even a pharmaceuticalcompany is yet to discover a molecular formula for a drink that brings peopletogether other than alcohol. The confidence and success alcohol generatesregardless of the situation is undisputed. Alcohol brings successful peopletogether just like it brings failures together also alcohol can put the richand the poor on the same table. Despite all this alcohol is rated one of themost dangerous drinks contributing to % of deaths every year.

Almost 90% of Kenyan youths living in Nairobi are taking alcohol more than three times a week some even on a daily basis. There is no complete party or gathering that is complete without alcohol, if it is not provided by the event organizers it will find its ways there since someone is always carrying their alcohol there. Some even contribute “changa ya mzinga” then send someone to buy and sneak it to the event.

Alcohol causes impaired judgment, and this is what everyone goes for when they are enjoying it not caring about the risk that comes with that. Excess alcohol drunk doesn’t kill since when a person takes it excess they will vomit it later but excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. Someone may die by inhaling the vomits. Through impaired judgment alcohol may lead to poor decision making that they might end up regretting later or worse lead to death.

Drinking and driving yourself home is not recommended as alcohol impairs vision or sometimes causes drowsiness which can lead to an accident. One may get HIV or STI by sleeping with a partner unplanned and not using a condom or if a condom is used changes are high it will not be used correctly. Too much alcohol can lead to dependency making them lose moral in family and work. This may cost someone their several years of marriage or their job. Girls can get unplanned pregnancies or get sexually violated by strangers.

Youths need to regulate their alcohol consumption and avoid peer pressure as that is what introduces many of them to that. Do not drink and drive, get someone to drive you home – get a taxi instead. Girls don’t go about drinking excessively by yourself have a close friend with you and if a stranger tells you to stay all night drinking with them tell him you have an early morning appointment with your gynecologist.

No More Random OTC Codein

Photo by Pretty Drugthings on Unsplash

The moment an Rx friend of mine hit my WhatsApp with information that all OTC products with codeine including BWC were to be pulled from the main shelves to behind the counter I knew it was going to be chaotic after all. I wasn’t feeling anything like writing about it at that time I needed time at least for absorbing that shock. I was like “…but our store can’t do without codeine especially BWC our sales are going to fall”. That was like hot cake! I really felt the pain especially with no more random OTC betapyns dispensed.

Some biznus almost closed down before the recent PPB crackdown when PPB inspectors where draining the swamp. There is BWC on the shelf that is stagnant, cannot be sold. No Rxs coming through and without undertaking letters No returning back to supplier. Where a normal day boasted with give me a #6 pack BWC & 3 packs of Byn that came down to 0. At least some physicians are throwing in a three day dose of codeine tablets on coming prescriptions which is not bad.

On a regular day we are getting used to no prescription, no conversation. The street significance of codeine syrups became relevant with zero to supply in the black market. It appears that everyone wasn’t just ready for this kind of scenario. Now diazepam, BWC, Byn and other narcotics that require Rxs are cruising in the same boat and probably they will catch up with rohypnol. Guidelines are now at kindly give me your prescription please and let’s not argue about that. No more please talk to my doctor excuses, instead get a handwritten one – they will read.

I lied! No one is prescribing any codeines first place, but did we die? The pharmacy is still decent with less codeine activity on the counters and as a matter of fact they weren’t that necessary. #Panadocetamo is still working well for acute headaches. And yes, we have alternative cough suppressants on the shelves which are less addictive. Although lawsuits and bills out there are after the legalization of marijuana I am also quite sure it is also going to be a POM

Why People Think Transchem Is Selling Counterfeit Drugs

More than 70% of clients on long-term prescription buy their medicines at transchem, or once in their lifetime when refilling their prescriptions, they have visited Transchem. Transchem is probably the cheapest and busiest pharmacy in Nairobi. They have a number of branches in Nairobi CBD with the latest opening on Moi Avenue. This is one of the oldest standing pharmacies in Nairobi boasting several years in the pharmaceutical business. Having well stocked with most pharmaceuticals especially rarely prescribed drugs, most chemists will refer a client to Transchem. Loyal clients would rather queue for long hours since they have assurance their prescription will be fully filled. Moreover, if they wanted a prescription for more than two months that would be done hassle free. So what makes people think they are selling counterfeits? T

They are cheap

It raises eyebrows and it is even confusing when you find out the same product/medicine has different prices in different chemists. In some places, you will find the price is half from what the previous pharmacy was selling. There is virtually no retail pharmacy offering better prices that match those of transchem, most of the time customers question this and depending on who is who, the narration is always different. Definitely, the take home answer is usually their medicines are fake.


When the prescription is open, the person selling medication can decide to dispense either generics or branded drugs depending on what is available. Branded drugs are usually referred to as original which brings out the impressions that the other drugs (generics are fake).  A good scenario is for instance a client buys medicine at transchem (buys half) and he or she is given generics, then when goes back to refill the other half he walks to a different chemist whereby they don’t dispense the same generics. Confusions like this will always paint a previous pharmacy badly. Most people still don’t know the difference between a generic and a branded drug.

Humble customer care

Cheap is expensive, transchem is always crowded from the time they open up to when they close in the evening. Handling a huge and impatient group of people that is shouting at you is very challenging. This sometimes leaves out most of the customers 50% satisfied. The process of giving your prescription on one side then your drugs are prepared and finally your name is called through a microphone so that you can pick your drugs is always awkward.

Rumors and propaganda

Adverse drug effects can be over reported. A simple drug side effect misinterpreted for poor quality medication. A drug with a short expiry is said to have over stayed on the shelf for long making a patient to react to it. One drug that is not registered by the pharmacy and poisons board equals all their drugs are fake. Please come with a proper prescription translates to unfriendly staff. Not being able to read a poorly written prescription means the person selling is not qualified.


Success comes along with more enemies than friends, most of then will want to see you go down. Having a business that has been consistent for years doesn’t make people feel good about you.

Is Livia app going to be the solution for ePrescribing?

In summary

  • Livia app is a platform that links patients/clients to chemists or pharmacies targeting 100,000 users.
  • The app is being launched in Nairobi after successful in Mombasa.
  • Livia is location based where chemists within proximity of two kilometers can be reached.

Have you ever wanted to buy medication online but after surfing the web for hours you couldn’t find any site you that are significant. Well Livia app may possibly be the solution for you, this app in actual fact acts as a nexus between you the client to the most affordable and closest chemist to you. The platform is one innovative step in the history of Kenyan healthcare that is cost effective and allows a client fill a prescription at the comfort of their bed, office or wherever it is.

The app comes in two versions, Livia for chemists and Livia dawa app meant for the person purchasing the medicines. Dr. Samuel Murawoj, CEO Livia app during the app launch with healthcare providers said the app is not just a basic app but is meant to generally put several users on the same platform i.e. patients, new visitors to the country (tourists), chemists, doctors and even insurance providers.

Livia app is extremely easy to use by anyone with a smart phone, it is location based almost in the same way as uber, air bnb and Pokemon Go where the user taps to find the nearest chemist within a two kilometer radius. All the user needs to do is submit his order and chemist close by can give their quotations. The chemist with all the medicines and the cheapest will be selected, medication is then supplied once the person as paid. Payment may be done via mpesa or cash at the chemist selected once the client has been notified the order is ready.

In healthcare events, the most important individual is usually the patient and thus livia app is all about quality and efficiency to serve the basic needs of a client that’s why it’s creating partnership with big, reputable, affordable and well stocked chemists in Nairobi like Transchem, Salama, Malibu, Pentapharm, Hartlane, Haltons, New Lemuma, and Twinkle etc. The selected chemists are required to fully fill a prescription order and make sure it has been delivered to the customer on time, poor service may lead to lower ratings or eventually the chemist may be blacklisted and if the same trend is repeated severally the chemist is completely removed from the platform. The customer can rate a chemist one stars or up to five stars after receiving their order based on the quality of service experienced.

Livia also handles insurance clients; this made Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) chair, Dr. Mwaniki challenge Dr. Murawoj whether he is prepared to handle slow payments usually two to three months. The company CEO assured the members at the conference during the training of the app launch stating clearly that Livia will handle the insurance part and follow app with the payments as chemists deliver medicines and provide service. He added that on their side they’ll try to negotiate with the said insurers to reduce the period to one month to avoid delayed payments. And of course payments to chemist remain as agreed with the chemists.

NB; Chemists mentioned on the article are just a few that attended the Livia app training on Saturday 27th May 2017, Livia app will be coming to your chemists very soon.

There will be positive advancement for the app in future for patients and healthcare centers like hospitals to ensure excellent relationship where doctors will be able to do ePrescribing a feature that is expected to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

The Livia app is available on Google Play and App Store for download both for android and apple. You’ll find it in two versions, Livia Dawa App & Livia for Chemists by Neotech Kenya Ltd.




Qualities Of A Good Pharmacy

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash


Order brings about efficiency; design defines how organized a pharmacy is furthermore it depicts a sense of quality which everyone wants. The pharmacy has to be maintained clean since design alone with dusty shelves is repulsive. In fact a dusty pack of medication gives the idea of a product that has stayed on the shelf for long which most people don’t like.

Well stocked

Sometimes it is very hard to fill a prescription in one pharmacy but a well-stocked pharmacy with a wide range of drugs saves time and reduces costs. Instead of the hustle of moving from one pharmacy to another or having to wait for medication to be delivered all the drugs needed are available in one pharmacy.

Friendly staff

Friendly and interactive staff gives the customer the impression of coming back or recommending another client. A lab coat and decent attire adds more points to a staff being friendly. Understanding a patient and being warm to them makes them feel better even before the medication you have sold them kicks in.

Opening hours

The consistency of opening extended hours makes it more convenient for clients to get their medicine at the right time when they are in need. For early risers and late night customers which most of us are, a pharmacy like this is valuable because most of the day hours are spend at the various work area.

Consultation room

Consultation room/lab for private consultation and minor tests is very important. Some patients may feel uncomfortable explaining themselves over the counter and that’s why a consultation room is helpful. This room can be used to give complementary services which at least every standard pharmacy should have. This may include blood glucose test and pressure readings. More advanced pharmacies keep weighing scales where clients can find out their BMI which is vital in understanding the impact of your lifestyle changes.

The Future Of Pharmacy Is ePharmacy

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

“I need some medicine from your pharmacy, and do you guys deliver?” These days’ customers call with that special request of whether you can deliver. We are moving to an error where everyone wants everything to be delivered where they are. Despite the disappointments that come with shopping online, most people prefer buying items online because of the convenience. Online pharmacies have their own challenges especially with OTC medicines and self-prescribing. We have also drugs which require special instructions; most of the time that is overlooked assuming the patient person buying understands how the dawas are to be taken.

Nevertheless, the future of pharmacy is going to be ePharmacy in a few years to come. Prescription refills are expected to be completed more, at the moment most online pharmacies are selling OTC and beauty products. Patients still assume online meds are not genuine and this might take more time for them to build trust. Since technology and innovations don’t keep a pace with our expectations, it can seem forever for us to adapt with online pharmaceutical shopping, this means online pharmacies have to be patient for a while as their businesses grow. Good news is, guys setting up online stores at this very moment will be enjoying fruits of their endurance.

So, now that the future of pharmacy is epharmacy, so what? Or why am I taking about this? This is because I believe this is the best pharmacy could have and I am sure this will be the best experience ever. Everyone feels the need to save time, having medicine delivered to where you are is definitely stress free. Imagine contacting your doctor while you are in the house, a prescription is send to your device then you forward it to an online pharmacy then in less than 45 minutes medication is delivered to you without you leaving the house. Although this might change the way we interact it is still cool, for instance the face to face chat between healthcare provider and patient could fade off.

Let us hope expecting this will have a positive impact in future. It is a good feeling to find out that a number of ePharmacies are doing just fine. I should mention that, it is for them that we can now picture our future different. And it is important to note that we are headed somewhere, I am sure there is a lot to explore for us humans.