EasyMax Is A Low Cost Blood Glucose Testing Kit With Great Specks


EASYMAX is a glucose monitoring kit that comes in two types, Easymax mini and Easymax MU.  Easymax mini for personal use at home to track glucose readings for one user and Easymax MU for multiple users as the name suggests i.e. clinics, hospitals or any place where several testing is done. The MU meter has special features from mini, a strip ejector and a USB port to help transfer patient data to PC. Easy max mini is a glucose monitor for home use. It is intended for adults (over age 18) diabetic or pre-diabetic patients. For pre-diabetic patients as an informative tool that can assist in the prevention or delay of diabetes and its related costs.

 Easy max proposes more remarkable advantages, leading to fulfill an unmet need of self-monitoring of blood glucose. It is easy to use device that enables and encourages users to check their glucose readings more frequently, with less pain or incremental cost. With its relatively low cost, keeping check of blood-glucose is simple. Once the blood sample is provided, the device transmits the results within 5 seconds. The user can take the sample from the fingertip of the forearm or besides the fingertip the user has an option of testing other places of the body, he or she can alternatively test the forearm or palm. Only a small amount of blood sample is needed for the device to analyze, 0.6ug to be specific and can measure sugar levels between 1.1-35.0mmol/L.

Testing your blood glucose regularly can make a big difference on how you manage your diabetes every day. Easymax mini self-monitoring blood glucose system is designed to be reliable, user friendly and efficient to help you monitor your blood glucose on a regular basis. The meter is small easy to carry especially when you are travelling. EasyMax works on a unique principle of electrochemical biosensor technology with unique added features hardly found in most glucometers i.e. before meals, after meals and time symbols to help know what time a certain test was taken.

EasyMax is available in major distributors and wholesalers within Nairobi. If you would like to purchase EasyMax monitoring products such as meters and strips, request your local pharmacy or chemist to order for you. In case need help on how to use the meter; your healthcare provider can take you through the steps on how to use the same.

Late Hours Prescription Refills

Vwani Late Hours

While everyone else whines about income inequality, I’m something about it. I’m looking for a side hassle, it is shocking that my brain can’t wrap around exactly how this could be. I need to cater to the desires of my heart which seems to mostly involve spending more time on the internet clicking links.

To practice being a blogger I spent most of my hours checking local blogs. There are a lot of upcoming blogs, some have been there for a while. BAKE has registered some of them, about me I want to be discrete and extraordinary, personalized, I wish to give something not overwhelming but always there so guys can’t miss anything.

I scribbled something into my notebook, this was going to be my first blog post, is when I arrived at the daily meeting, which began with the usual insanely charming managing director. Looked like customer service was the key thing, will I have a job? What’s being a pharmacist like? I tried noting down everything to save me a lot of trouble trying to memorize stuff.

His vibe, it turns out, is way more than I thought because I had underestimated a lot. He has a profile of most clients back in his mind. One client filling their prescription two years ago had slow service, which will definitely not happen again. There are a lot of people referred to as “sensitive customers” which I’m pretty sure means “total jerks”. One doesn’t like their pills in pieces, if it’s a strip let it be a strip. Another will want medication and water given to him as other clients sit waiting. And one women believe it or not demanded to be addressed as miss Kenya 2015, though in fairness,she was just an ordinary lady you’ll meet next to Ambassador Hotel  waiting for a matatu to take her home early in the morning.

Before my shift, I asked the in-charge what to do if a client asks me for something illegal, like dispensing prescription only medicine (POM) without them showing their prescription… Alfred recommended saying, non – judge mentally, “we just can’t do that because we can’t guarantee the quality of the experience. He will however, agree to get just about anything legal.

“I’m going to see my doctor next week, just misplaced my prescription”. This can’t cure one problem though, no more arguing about refills for psychos. Doctors will be forced to ePrescribing of anti-psychotics to prevent their offices from being swarmed by people buying a hard copy. Nothing better can come out of this.

When I started my night shift I noticed that truly Nairobi is a sex den, this time guys don’t ask much. That’s because “mpango wa kando” sex is always urgent. I noticed these group of people like the rest of us are last minute guys. They also like disco restaurants, night clubs with hot chiqs and drinks that involve blue moon and the rest lately banned. We are heading to a city with regular alcoholic beverages and casual sex.

Still I was impressed at some of the ingenious ways men used to ask for libido boosting pills. One lady had to figure out something, she drew on a piece of paper what she wanted, later we learned she needed emergency pills, we had no problem selling that to her.

At the end of the night before I left the in – charge called me and said I would make a great pharmacist. I had kept my cool and bantered with some of the clients and I got useful connections admittedly largely at this pharmacy. Next time when am prepared to serve, my first question is going to be whether pharmacist are allowed to make mistakes or not.



Why You Should Continue Taking Your Herbal Medicine(s)

Sketch by Vwani

Herbal medicine has always been a flip-side to cure when typical therapies with modern medicines fail in most African countries. Traditionally after a very long battle with an ailment under modern therapy, the patient my attempt treatment from herbalist. Most of the time, these herbalists offer a way out of their disease. This has always left unanswered questions to whether modern medicines are superior in comparison to herbal remedy.

Before western civilization Africans relied on herbal medicine which worked in treating a number of common illnesses. Some African communities still use herbal medicines to date. Herbal cure is as old as humanity and has been passed from one generation to another in different cultures across the globe. Chinese herbal medicines are one of the greatest herbal structures of the world with constant tradition going back to the 3rd century BC. Through research and new technology, herbal medicines throughout history have continually developed in response to changing clinical conditions. Modern medicines have since been an alternative to herbal medicine until recently when people are slowly shifting back to herbal.

So far things have changed due to lifestyle disorders, where many take modern medicine without success. Supplements keep changing from time to time but once tried the patient will always say, “I need something better” at this point herbal medicine could play complimentary roles in healing process although most people will shift to herbal medicine fully which sometimes miscarry.

From time to time herbalists have always faced the law in some countries for selling medicine that is suspected not to cure certain ailments. For instance herbalists have once been busted selling the same medicine in different packaging with indications for different diseases. There is no specific law for most herbalists although mostly their practice is not integrated into healthcare systems. The herbs are readily available and known and thus herbal medicines are sold without restrictions or limitations.

One problem that is facing herbalists is the storage conditions of their herbs. Most herbalists will move with their herbs, prepared well and packaged in containers or tubes for marketing. The medications are handled carelessly and usually left lying over the sun for several hours which general knowledge dictates that exposure to sunlight will reduce the potency of a drug or medicine.

It has not been known to cause any side effects and this is one advantage of herbal medicine, a “Maasai” (community in east Africa well known for using herbal medicines) will always walk with his jerry-can of refined herb which treats virtually almost everything. This has always raised eyebrows but to the Maasai herbalist he believes he believes he is able to handle a case that a hospital cannot handle.

With proper training through universities, pharmacognosy can replace modern medicine and if included in the act of most healthcare organization it can be better complimentary to modern medicine.

Are You Busy For Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

YOUR PRESCRIPTION. Why should I start by writing that before my posts? I think I’m just conditioned. I had decided I will never post anything on this blog again but today I feel like writing something, a paragraph or two. I mean like seriously, at times you just give up. So are you busy for cancer awareness month?

Being a breast cancer awareness month, it feels special saying something about cancer, breast cancer.Well, the other day was a #NoBraDay and #KOT just made fun of the day. Some thought it time to share their nudes, anyway it’s a #NoBraDay… what can you say.

I’m almost green like you and the rest, breast cancer is just cancer and there is nothing you can do. How can I assist? I also don’t know. I’m a broke guy, cancer is very expensive… why ponder about diseases that are expensive to manage?  Definitely cancer is above your payroll we will all agree, why lie.  Mmmmh why should you care? I also don’t know statistics well, all I know breast cancer is affecting a lot of women out there.

Yes. Cancer is there, we know cancer is there. We see in news. They say it’s bad, very bad and deadly. And that Cancer needs lump sum spending, that’s the reason Nakumatt, one of the leading supermarket in kenya is collaborating with other brands to raise money for Cancer patients. Honestly I have never contributed in such. I think I’m ignorant, I don’t shop a lot like other people do or I just don’t care. “OR” maybe because I’ve never seen people giving money. Well I don’t know how it happens,  this is confusing. Let’s just say I don’t have time.

Was it the other day I was pointing figures to the government? Ooh there is relative paucity of cancer centres in Kenya, on second thought I felt there is nothing I am doing as an individual on the same. Will we sit there waiting for the government to workout miracles? No? Yes? No. It’s sad that only proper “treatment” is available in India and it is very expensive. Our very own TV presenter Janet Kanini is a testimony. Her story can only be told by her.

We will comfortably cure cancer one day, I believe that will happen. It might take years, we are so close to that but we can’t tell how soon.  Question is; are we as a country heading somewhere? While the level of overseas spending on cancer keeps rising due to lack of local specialists in healthcare provision what are we going to do? Are we going to focus on lifestyle disorders, antibiotic resistance or cancer?

Too many unanswered questions. We will cure breast cancer one day.

I’ll see you.

Most Kenyans Living In Nairobi Don’t Eat Food They Have Cooked In Their Houses By Themselves

Been a while since I wrote something, my head feels empty because I have been busy lately. I mean everyone needs a rest, good for for the money better for your health. Last weekend I decided I should rest, so I took a walk in my mtaa just to see how people go through with there lives… Just to catch up. I discovered something interesting I would like to share.
Debate on how Lifestyle disorders is affecting most middle class population has been going round, and honestly it’s hard to advice anyone on a diet these days. Actually most Kenyans living in Nairobi don’t eat food they have cooked in their houses by themselves. Food is bought from tiny food dens and kiosks. 
Because of waking up early and returning back to the house late, guys don’t have ample time to prepare a meal. Most are tired and all they need is already prepared food by the street. It is also very expensive to cook a single meal in their houses , on average  a majority of them are paid peanuts so they can’t employ a home cook. Furthermore it is not practically possible because most of them live in single rooms or one bedroom where space is limited.
So I checked in one kibanda that looked popular, just to check what they offered in there menu. The entrance was busy nyama choma all over being smoked. There was a lot of mud, water had spilled all over, but this seamed no issue for the regulars. Open sufurias of Githeri, beans (madondo) ,ndengu were piled open. I had to jump over a huge sufuria with what looked like grey soup to a bench where I was to wait to be served. One of the cooks making chapatis had pointed out where I should sit as he continued making his dough.
I looked confused, most guys had ordered food before going to sit ready after washing their hands from a tap outside. I looked around aimlessly trying to adjust to the environment. Luckily a sexy looking ratchet ghetto gal came to my rescue.
“What do you like to eat?” 
I thought that was kinda rude but stayed calm. I few minutes later I was served with beef and ugali. 
I must say we have a shortage of public health officers in Kenya. I would expect them to shut such  places long ago. But if they shut them down we’d have no place to go and that’s why I think they’re leaving them alone. There are lots of eating dens and kiosks where hygiene standards are wanting and below average. Away from hygiene , the quality of food is still low. Then you’ll find most doctors telling their patients to observe diet, with this kind of food? No. This is food that is meant to make your stomach full and that’s all.
Quite a number of people have argued that so long as the food is hot then you are safe. Still I don’t think so but I would say food is what keeps us moving and if you can afford a better meal you are healthy.

Nairobi’s Doctors Are EXPENSIVE

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is expensive? It’s August and the price of your drugs might kill you faster than your disease. Let’s talk about how your doctor is expensive, yes doctors are expensive. Seeing a doctor is becoming very expensive daily, while we have shortage of healthcare professionals in Nairobi there is no option, costs keep rising. Most people are relying on nurses and buying OTC medicines from community pharmacies. Some patients go through the internet, because Google seems to have answers to everything, they can type their symptoms and find prescriptions easily forgetting this is very wrong and could be dangerous to their health. Some people get forced to seek further medical attention or even treat worse conditions.

Prescription only medicines are being sold over the counter in almost 80% of chemists in Nairobi, saves time because of the long queues waiting to see a physician also saves your pocket consultation fee. I don’t wish to discuss more about who you are supposed to see between a doctor and pharmacist, let me put a full stop at this point here. Only patients with insurance cover are the ones who’ll will comfortably walk to a doctor for consultation and go fill there prescription fully. It’s interesting the way emergency situations are handled; if it’s an emergency buy not critical take to KNH, If it’s an emergency but critical take to Nairobi hospital.

The most frustrating thing is, you’ll find it difficult to fill your prescription in one pharmacy without them telling you to wait for missing drugs to be sourced elsewhere. What would have been done in one day, consulting a physician and buying drugs takes like two to three days.  Patients are forced to miss out important medicines, either they will buy then later or never at all. This therefore means improper treatment which in most cases leads to treatment failure because patient X missed the indented synergistic action of the drugs. Some medication are meant to mask side effects of others, not taking them together will trigger side effects forcing patient X to stop his/her therapy. Other patients buy half dose, once they feel better they stop taking medication and forget to go back for the remaining dose . Days later they begin complaining about the same problem.

There is need for dispensing chemists to set standards, if you can’t feel a whole prescription don’t dispense it. Unless otherwise doctors need to weigh options and prescribe affordable prescriptions because branded medications can be too expensive for the patient

There will be always 1,2,3 tablets missing, but if you could fill YOUR PRESCRIPTION in one chemist the better.