We Are Moving Out! Did You Say School Kids Are Having Casual Sex?

YOUR PRESCRIPTION, this August you will never believe the quotation… prices just shot up! Prices of most drugs you’ll discover have have gone up, could be because of the “dollar effect” ,the Kenyan shilling against the dollar.

That’s not important for now, I’ve been busy lately because soon we will be moving to a new server. How exciting does it feel having something I can own? But moving to a new house ain’t that easy, there are few things you have to handle; fix the shower, replace a broken window, fit a new bulb e.t.c. Problem is, I’m doing the donkey job of editing the HTML texts and stuff, I’ll miss blogger for real. 

Meanwhile, we will still use this “old” site until everything is fixed since it might take a little longer to come up with a decent home. I’ll admit I know less about web design… it’s not my area of specialization, so what’s cooking up is a trial and error thing. But thanks because I’m learning a lot at the moment and I appreciate everything am learning daily.

And this could be the reason why I haven’t been tweeting regularly.I got surprised checking my TLs today.  Mmmh minors were having casual sex in a bus?  What is worse, they were smoking weed of all the things. DRUGS ARE BAD, DRUGS KILL, DRUGS CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE. This is too much freedom we are giving our kids folks.

Who could do such a thing during our time?  Lol, I’m not that old huh. Casual sex is everywhere these days. Why do parents feel it’s taboo to talk about sex to there kids? Was it just yesterday we had discussions about #condomForKids? Kids are having raw sex, but who do we blame?  Teachers blame parents parents blame teachers.

Today’s media is a fail, this idea guys posting crazy stuff on social media and walking in the streets like nothing happened should stop. Most of us have been influenced by media portrayal of love and romance, so it’s easy to base our expectations on these stereotypes which should not be the case. 

Am going to spend more time offline than online… working for the move-out move-in. I can’t promise how soon but I am proud I’ve already made a few good moves so far. 

TENA MEN Protective Underwear For INCONTINENCE

tena men

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is going to me expensive, troubles that come with old age. You notice this while seeking advice from your healthcare provider before you make a decision on how to deal with your problem, INCONTINENCE. Incontinence refers to involuntary urine leakage and is associated with bladder control. Incontinence can either be urinary or fecal, urinalysis being common.

Diapers for men are available in the Kenyan market!? Actually a mean TENA men level 4 protective underwear. Now this contradicts what people usually say, “The only man you can change is the one in a diaper ” 
These new diapers (of course they’ve been there) almost got my eyes popped out the first time I learned about them. All I knew from lavish TV adverts diapers were for babies, the likes of pampers, huggies, mamy poko e.t.c

Incontinence has been a taboo topic among most African communities and sadly today it’s still something people are not comfortable talking about in public. This is due to the embarrassment and the feeling of being out of place one gets. Recently you can guess how surprised I was to see adult diapers for men in one of the leading shops in Nairobi. TENA men Level 2 & 4 ,designed specifically for the male anatomy. How amazing that your underwear is your diaper and you don’t need to wear two things.

TENA men comes with unique advantages, the untoward smell that comes with urine is history, its textile – like backing for natural comfort automatically proves that there is no diaper better than this for men, also just to mention again, with leak proof backing there is no staining. Above all the the technology behind its production, the ultra absorbed core made of polymers that instantly lock liquid keeping you dry without any leaks.

Though mostly children at early age and the elderly are the ones who experience incontinence a lot, anyone can experience incontinence at any age. Because of the major effects which result consequently after giving birth , adult incontinence is more common in women than men. This is the reason why few men who are out there are shy to come out and seek for help. Problem is most guys don’t know what could be the cause for incontinence. Some of these factors include injuries in the spinal cord, constipation, parkinson disease, weak or damaged bladder, infection of the urinary tract e.t.c

But diapers are short term supplementary or temporary because incontinence is treatable, TENA men can help you rescue the embarrassment.

Gay rights, “non issue” – Kenyatta

YOUR PRESCRIPTION will soon be a “non issue” if more focus was directed to more important issues for instance  healthcare. Kenyans patiently waiting for president Uhuru Kenyatta’s take on Gays and lesbians rights were wowed by his wise response;

“This issue of gays is not the foremost of problems, we have bigger problems to deal with, it is difficult to force people to accept that which they don’t want, 
Our issues are different, healthcare is critical,we can not impose values people don’t embrace… there are some issues Kenya does not share with USA, THE GAY ISSUE IS A NON ISSUE FOR KENYA”

Indeed gay issue is a non issue in Kenya as the US president  would agree.. “It is nature for friends to disagree in a while on issues just like we have on gay and lesbians rights”   Actually from presidents Obama’s remarks it’s clear that he neither supports nor opposes gay and lesbians rights but he’s treating this issue based on the principles he believes in … equal rights to everyone and a group on people shouldn’t be treated differently. Obviously USA is not Kenya and vice versa, but there are common grounds available, and these differences can be sorted on the way.

But this is not important, what really matters is president Uhuru Kenyatta mentioned HEALTHCARE is critical which I honestly agree.  Although I’ve mentioned this before, I noted that there is relative paucity of healthcare centres in Kenya and this calls for urgent need to direct planning efforts to adapt systems that will ensure proper provision of services such as; clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Much has been done I must mention DP. Ruto’s efforts are just early steps, if continued support is maintained, helping hospitals to optimize their processes and assure quality healthcare , this will make it perfect.

I have high hopes with Obama’s $1 billion Kitty to promote entrepreneurship in Africa, although not related directly I’m glad women and youth are going to benefit more.   In this year’s 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), president Obama revealed that the US will put up three women entrepreneurship centres in Kenya, Mali and Zambia. I won’t say how but I understand women will think about health.

I wonder if your prescription will get any cheaper but for now, that’s a “non issue”


YOUR PRESCRIPTION has changed again, yes life is a storm, you’ll bask in the sunlight one moment,be shattered in the rocks the next. That’s what exactly happens the moment your prescription becomes expensive, meaning more money will be spend on your healthcare budget in this era where healthcare costs are going up daily. But what’s the reason your prescription’s cost is going up?

This should have been one article with the previous one, but I must admit that July babies are special and expensive. You could be wondering why your pediatrician is giving you a very expensive prescription and it’s only July… bills haven’t been paid. The treatment of children is one of the most challenging tasks imaginable. You might think children are young adults but most of then are delicate and have unique physiological and development needs. And this means any slight change in your babies condition should not be taken lightly or ignored.

Why am I getting a prescription with cefuroxime, cetrizine, prednisolone and a bronchiodilator for my baby just turned two years? Planning treatment for your child isn’t an easy task, first you thought your child is not complicated, to save costs the the number one person you went to is your pharmacist. But which pharmacist would want to prescribe poisons to a less than two year old? Most of then would want to play it safe and refer you to your paediatrician or personal physician. Furthermore most less than 2 year old prescriptions are off label and tailored depending on your babies condition.

It’s sad that Kenya is one interesting country where a parent will leave their child in the house then walk into a chemist explaining my baby is feeling this my baby is feeling that and medication will be given to them over the counter. If the medication doesn’t work they’ll walk into another chemist for differend medicines not caring of giving previous history. One thing they forget is, they are risking their babies life and only the paediatrician or physician is the best person in keeping theirs kids medical history accurate. Lack of strict treatment guidelines too is another issue which brings unavoidable confusion since most diagnoses are symptomatic.

We’ll all agree there is global shortage of healthcare providers and Kenya is such a victim, interestingly a small percentage of middle class Kenyans if you’ll ask most of them have seen the same doctor twice in the last four years. Again this is a real opportunity to learn from , and a perfect best experience to learn from in redefining modern healthcare. To sum up much is needed if possible spending more on healthcare for its rapid expansion of provision.

Still YOUR PRESCRIPTION remains expensive.

Nairobi July Cold & Flu

It has been long since I posted something, last time I checked was when I was reading a re-post of one of the posts re-posted through another blog. I must say thanks because my blog statistics show even without sharing my posts there has  still been activity. I feel special with you being my number one motivation. To me this is like coming back home, this time round I want to keep it perfect and simple.

We are a few centimeters into July and everyone is trying to keep warm, since it’s very cold most of us have already started taking antihistamines. Your nose is snuffy, your throat is scratchy, you are sneezing and you have a headache, it’s either a cold or flu since symptoms overlap.

Last week I couldn’t help it when got a cold, while I hate taking medicines I kept juggling between antihistamines because most on them don’t work on me. Today I told my roomy to make her usual concoction because her sore throat just got worse since we are not communicating with the way her voice sounds.

Simon just called a few hours before I wrote this, and he was complaining of what he said were needle like chest and back pains. Their last business meeting day in Naivasha and already he’s missing Nairobi.  Usually with such trips he complains about stomach problems .

I can’t forget to mention how things are getting  funnier with #KOT s  “I’m talking like an ICC witness because of homa “.  So what’s the difference between a flu and a cold? Again everyone has their version of answering this. But it’s simple, if they are one and same thing why do we say flu vaccine and not cold vaccine.

Actually while cold typically resolves quickly symptoms can last up to approximately two weeks, contrary flu symptoms are generally mild and in most cases do not lead to any serious health complications.

Any questions? I think I’m done here, I’m not just ready to dilute anything. This is just a blog and I’ve been out there for long, I really missed this.

Screening And Vaccination Can Help Beat Cervical Cancer

Vwani cervical cancer sketch

I’ve talked about cancer a number of times before, actually, the first article I ever posted online was a story on cancer. Cancer is deadly most common lately is cervical cancer, no woman is ready to hear a word like that in their ears. Being a core player, together with physicians, nurses and data managers in creating cervical cancer awareness, it’s always my pleasure to say a word or two about cervical cancer – the most common cause of gynecological cancer being malignant neoplasm arising from cells of the cervical wall.

I noted that there is a relative paucity of cervical centers in Kenya and this calls for an urgent need to direct health planning efforts to adapt effective systems that will ensure proper provision of services such as clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment through a coordinated team of cervical cancer providers in a compassionate patient – centered environment. Most women realize they are victims of cervical cancer when it’s too late, at the age of 30 years and above when complications have developed. This is usually a challenge to most doctors where integrating and proper sequencing of treatment modalities is critical. This is one reason why it’s advisable for every young woman to take that bold step and go for cervical cancer testing, actually, every woman above 21 years of age needs a “pap”.

Until recently the number of those going for cervical cancer screening was very low. Most would wait until complications arose before taking action. Worrying is most youths these days are engaging in early coitus with multiple sexual partners. The number is expected to rise most researchers predict. And this calls for continuous awareness to the public by healthcare providers.

There is the need for proper data keeping that shows the number of new cases and those that have undergone successful therapy. Clinical audits for cervical cancer can be readily doable with transparency and can be eventually fed into the cancer registry. This will help put measures in place to enable free screening is accessible to almost every woman. Thanks to CERVERIX® and human papillomavirus vaccine because there is hope of eradicating this deadly disease, they say prevention is better than cure.