Prescription is the label that pays me

Nairobi’s Doctors Are EXPENSIVE

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is expensive? It’s August and the price of your drugs might kill you faster than your disease. Let’s talk about how your doctor is expensive, yes doctors are expensive. Seeing a doctor is becoming very expensive daily, while we have shortage of healthcare professionals in Nairobi there is no option, costs keep rising. […]

No! Why Work 24/7 For A Paybill Payslip

YOUR PRESCRIPTION happened to be filled by someone else on Friday night because I decided I was not going to dispense any prescription since I overheard a great party was going to happen at splash. That meant music, drinks and hot girls. So I called Sue and asked her to stand in for me as […]

We Are Moving Out! Did You Say School Kids Are Having Casual Sex?

YOUR PRESCRIPTION, this August you will never believe the quotation… prices just shot up! Prices of most drugs you’ll discover have have gone up, could be because of the “dollar effect” ,the Kenyan shilling against the dollar. That’s not important for now, I’ve been busy lately because soon we will be moving to a new […]

TENA MEN Protective Underwear For INCONTINENCE

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is going to me expensive, troubles that come with old age. You notice this while seeking advice from your healthcare provider before you make a decision on how to deal with your problem, INCONTINENCE. Incontinence refers to involuntary urine leakage and is associated with bladder control. Incontinence can either be urinary or fecal, […]

Gay rights, “non issue” – Kenyatta

YOUR PRESCRIPTION will soon be a “non issue” if more focus was directed to more important issues for instance  healthcare. Kenyans patiently waiting for president Uhuru Kenyatta’s take on Gays and lesbians rights were wowed by his wise response; “This issue of gays is not the foremost of problems, we have bigger problems to deal […]


YOUR PRESCRIPTION has changed again, yes life is a storm, you’ll bask in the sunlight one moment,be shattered in the rocks the next. That’s what exactly happens the moment your prescription becomes expensive, meaning more money will be spend on your healthcare budget in this era where healthcare costs are going up daily. But what’s […]

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