10 Things That Happened in 2018 we are Soon Forgetting About

Photo by Julie Tupas on Unsplash

Finally am posting something in 2019! I wanted to post this a.s.a.p. so that I concentrate on other things as we kick off the year but unfortunately that did not happen. There is a lot I missed to write about that I think I should have at least written something about. I came up with this list as a reminder on some of the things that I missed and which certainly might shape up 2019.  It is not a regular post but I am excited it is somehow going to act like a reference point to some of the things that might come up in 2019 and the future. At some point I wanted to add links, but then I all of a sudden changed my mind.

Codeine based cough syrups moved from OTC to Rx raising the street value of benylin with codeine; addicts were left with no supplies as the PPB continues to tighten its belt.

The PPB improves its website to see pharmaceutical practitioners access most of their manual paper work through a fast developed portal.

GPL opens more pharmacies expanding its chain pharmacy to a dozen more stores in Nairobi and upcountry, also becomes the first pharmacy in Kenya to pull a TV ad.

2018 came to an end with a stimulating debate when it emerged that researchers in China had created the world’s first CRISPR gene edited babies.

What’s the benefit of the internet with frequent cyber bullying? In May 2018 the government of Kenya signed into law the Computer and Cyber Crime Act into law.

Mental health becomes a serious topic of discussion on social media.

KNH amazes everyone after a baby is stolen from the hospital only a day later to be found in Kawagware after news of the loss went viral.

Nairobi governor Mike sonko gives Pumwani hospital an impromptu visit then finds 12 dead babies hidden at hospital, this gave everyone divided views about the quality of treatment in the hospital.

Marie stops Kenya controversial ad leaves Kenyans with no words to say. The ad was about “helping” a pregnant young woman take care of an unplanned pregnancy. No one knew what exactly they meant by helping but at the end of the day the Kenya films and classification board so it pulled down.

Medics east Africa changed their tradition location from Oshwal Centre to KICC due to unavoidable circumstances which turned out to be a more convenient location for visitors although the number of exhibitors has since reduced compared to previous medical shows.

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