7 Habits of Highly Effective Pharm Tech

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Do you want do become an effective pharmaceutical technologist?

Having the seven habits below is key to being successful.

What is Habit?

In simple words, habit is synonymous with routine or behavior that is repeated frequently and that occurs without thought.

The (7) Seven Habits
Habit 1: Honesty

Be honest with your clients and colleagues and grow the habit of honesty. If you let your client know that you are going to deliver a drug at a certain time, then be truthful in your communication and express any delays in the exchange of information.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver, do what you say you are going to do.

Be honest in your dealings with others, and stay true to yourself. A person can tell a lot about you by the way you treat other people, so be kind and make sure you treat everyone with respect.

Habit 2: Understanding your customers need

Take your time to listen and understand what the customer wants, asking them questions with the intention of understanding even more.

This will give you a better sense of how they feel and what they need. Do not interrupt with questions when the client is explaining themselves, give them time to finish then ask your question.

As you do this, you will also start to understand where their pain points lie and how you can solve those problems. This allows you to build trust with the customer and make them feel valued, resulting in higher loyalty and more purchases.

If it is an online client or they have called, be sure to record each conversation and take notes, as this will make the process of understanding the customer’s needs and wants a lot easier.

Habit 3: Be creative

Don’t just do the same thing over and over, try to come up with something new. Show your clients that you are trying to improve their experience.

When providing your services, try and think of ways that you can make it better for your client. This will help you build a greater rapport with them, show them that you are trying to improve their experience, and make you look more professional.

Get feedback from your loyal clients and make improvements where the client experience is not good.

Stay up to date with your social media profiles. Post regularly on your social media profiles, use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or twitter to reach your clients. Choose a platform that works better for you if you are not comfortable using all of them.

You can post photos of new over the counter products, free wellness checkups or information about healthcare conditions that you think clients would be interested to know about.

These are simple things that will help you grow and show your clients that you value their business.

Remember that what you post should be professional and avoid posting misleading information to generate more sales. Client will realize that you are not honest opting for other good pharmacies.

Habit 4: Take responsibility

Stop giving excuses, learn to accept your mistakes.

Most of us have made mistakes in our lives. It’s how we deal with those mistakes that differentiate one person from another. There’s no crying in- or out over someone else’s mistakes; however, there is a lot you can learn from those experiences. Accept that you’re human, but don’t let it define you.

Being new to the pharmaceutical field or even having worked for years you will realize mistakes are inevitable.

It’s easy to point fingers, but the sooner you learn to own up to your mistakes, the sooner you’ll start to see them as stepping-stones and not as one-way tickets to failure.

Habit 5: Plan

Even if it is a paragraph, or three sentences, or just one sentence do a quick check in to see where you are career wise.

Have a monthly, weekly or daily plan that is consistent. Your aim being to grow your business. Track your progress every month and set new goals depending on how you want to improve your services.

Habit 6: Embrace team work

Team work makes work simpler.

Be kind to others, let your colleagues feel comfortable at work.

Make sure you treat your colleagues as if they were family, don’t just work together but get to know each other on a personal level. This will create a strong work environment filled with positive vibes and help you work together as a team. When you work with a team, you’re not just working for an individual, you’re working for the team.

In order for a team to work well, the members must have a strong sense of unity. To have unity, you have to have a strong bond between the members. A strong bond is something that you can’t just create, it has to grow naturally. To create a strong bond between you and your colleagues, you should try to work together as a team, respect each other, and be kind to one another.

Habit 7: Practice your craft, learn from others

See how your colleagues are interacting with clients and ask questions where you need clarification. Attend online virtual or physical CMEs to learn new things and also interact with other healthcare professionals.

Read pharmaceutical books or pharmacy blogs like this for inspiration.

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