Prescription is the Label that pays me

Vwani is a Nairobi based member of the healthcare team directly involved with patient care. He gets disturbed by two things, either your prescription is taking so long to be filled or it’s very expensive key focus being safe and effective medication use.


I (Vwani) started Vwani after I realized it was very hard to find blogs with creative pharmaceutical touch. I needed someone who would write about the pharmacy the way I saw it.

While Vwani undergoes metamorphosis with time, I have also been making big and small changes to live my life on purpose. Changes that I believe everyone should have. I love reading well-written content, writing essays and learning people.

In my free time, if that ever exists, I utilize the same to come up with ways to improve this site or write a post for you.

What am doing now…

  • Struggling with how I should quit my 9-5 job, (which I love).
  • Reading more books (send me a list of great books I should read).
  • Working on the business value of this blog.
  • Creating content & no longer blogging at all.

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