Are You Busy For Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

YOUR PRESCRIPTION. Why should I start by writing that before my posts? I think I’m just conditioned. I had decided I will never post anything on this blog again but today I feel like writing something, a paragraph or two. I mean like seriously, at times you just give up. So are you busy for cancer awareness month?

Being a breast cancer awareness month, it feels special saying something about cancer, breast cancer.Well, the other day was a #NoBraDay and #KOT just made fun of the day. Some thought it time to share their nudes, anyway it’s a #NoBraDay… what can you say.

I’m almost green like you and the rest, breast cancer is just cancer and there is nothing you can do. How can I assist? I also don’t know. I’m a broke guy, cancer is very expensive… why ponder about diseases that are expensive to manage?  Definitely cancer is above your payroll we will all agree, why lie.  Mmmmh why should you care? I also don’t know statistics well, all I know breast cancer is affecting a lot of women out there.

Yes. Cancer is there, we know cancer is there. We see in news. They say it’s bad, very bad and deadly. And that Cancer needs lump sum spending, that’s the reason Nakumatt, one of the leading supermarket in kenya is collaborating with other brands to raise money for Cancer patients. Honestly I have never contributed in such. I think I’m ignorant, I don’t shop a lot like other people do or I just don’t care. “OR” maybe because I’ve never seen people giving money. Well I don’t know how it happens,  this is confusing. Let’s just say I don’t have time.

Was it the other day I was pointing figures to the government? Ooh there is relative paucity of cancer centres in Kenya, on second thought I felt there is nothing I am doing as an individual on the same. Will we sit there waiting for the government to workout miracles? No? Yes? No. It’s sad that only proper “treatment” is available in India and it is very expensive. Our very own TV presenter Janet Kanini is a testimony. Her story can only be told by her.

We will comfortably cure cancer one day, I believe that will happen. It might take years, we are so close to that but we can’t tell how soon.  Question is; are we as a country heading somewhere? While the level of overseas spending on cancer keeps rising due to lack of local specialists in healthcare provision what are we going to do? Are we going to focus on lifestyle disorders, antibiotic resistance or cancer?

Too many unanswered questions. We will cure breast cancer one day.

I’ll see you.

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