Finally, Cosmos Pharmaceuticals is Introducing New Generic Products to the Market

Cosmos Pharmaceuticals Products

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is expensive, your physician has prescribed medication, mostly multinational brands which turn out to be very costly for your pocket. Most multinational brands happen to be very expensive in Kenya and sometimes finding a cheaper generic drug is hard. Well, Cosmos Kenya is giving patients more options by introducing a wide range of generics.

Adding quality to life and health has been the most esteemed recognition that Cosmos Limited is known for, being the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Kenya and East Africa. Almost 90% of public hospitals are supplied by Cosmos Limited and that has made most of its products more popular.

The Kenyan pharmaceutical market is jammed with cheap generic drugs from India which has led to Kenyans undermining their own locally manufactured products especially the private hospitals and chemists. This is probably one of the reason that has made Cosmos develop a huge sense of responsibility and attention to quality along with qualified and motivated professional staff hence ensuring they come up with better generics.

Availability of these generics will save the hassle of Kenyans importing most medications from India. The price of filling a prescription may reduce making it easier for an average Kenyan to get treatment comfortably. Sourcing the products locally also promotes the local market. Let’s hope Kenyans will soon appreciate their own products and save money.