Can I Use Carolight Cream or Mediven S for Light Skin?

Reading through an article the other Saturday on the standard pullout – woman instinct, the words of Ajuma Nasenyana the queen of African beauty caught my eyes, she hails from the part of Africa where habitants are considered to be the darkest but she was not petrified of venturing into modeling, an industry mostly dominated by the light-skinned females.

 For most women, they would think about acquiring cosmetics to bleach their skin. For Ajuma, seeing her tower above the international catwalk for eight years was not easy, she admits “growing up I often felt like the ugly duckling simply because I did not fit into the mould of what society defines beauty by. The issue of skin colour is one of those things that no one likes to talk about, yet so many girls suffer because of it”

Due to this and everyone glorifying the beauty of the girl child so many girls have succumbed to exposing themselves to dangerous bleaching products.

I came across a young pretty girl who wanted something to lighten her skin color, for a moment I thought she was crazy, she insisted on Mediven S because a friend had recommended it.

But why Mediven S? It contains betamethasone dipropionate BP 0.05% and salicylic acid 3% – a potent steroid causing thinning of the skin.

I remembered vividly how a friend of mine had tried using Mediven S to stop pimples on his face, the results were excellent but when he stopped the pimples came back with retribution. I was lukewarm on whether it was going to give good results or not but instead I watched her go experiment it on herself. I still do not know the outcome then after. Nevertheless, there are people who say they have applied it and results were good.

I had not finished pondering about this when I got a text message from a friend who wanted to know if there is anything she could apply on her face because of black spots and small swelling she got after applying a cream called carolight.

I got confused at first but at the same time this sounded interesting. Later I learned that, carolight cream is a bleaching cream which can transform dark skin to light skin and contains essentially hydroquinone 4.2% which can pose a threat if applied over a long period of time. She had used it roughly for a period of three months. I wished these two could have met.

I realized the reason why one needs to try out a new cosmetic on a small area before applying on a large area and best skin is one’s natural skin the way it is without adulterants.

It’s obvious that every woman is distinctive, and something that may agree with one individual can be totally lethal to another.

I’m yet to define the word beauty, I not sure if it is light skin or dark skin.