Can I Buy A Prescription Drug Without A Prescription & Other Short Stories

The subject of drug abuse is so tender that we cannot pause to discuss about drug misuse.  Drug addiction is a state of physical or psychological dependence on a drug. This is a sympathetic problem and it is upsetting to find out that youth, young parents and quite a number of the older generation are victims of drug abuse and drug misuse just to escape the realities of day-to-day life. Misuse of prescription drugs, cocaine and cannabis is still evident despite the government “setting aside funds” to curb the same. It is nerve-racking to hear that professionals in the health sector especially in some reckless pharmaceutical enterprises are propagating drug misuse by dispensing mostly “abused drugs” over the counter, either without prescription or on an invalid prescription with the objective of boosting profits.

Ironically, no pun indented, drug abusers walk to pharmacies asking whether they can be selling to them certain prescription drugs without prescription, hoping a materialistic pharmacist will ravenously buy their idea. Actually, it is amusing no one will be ready to sell that to you, they already know it is illegal to buy without a prescription and probably understand the procedure is no prescription no medication but still insist on having the same. “First of all” pharmacists are not immune to temptations neither are they saints in anyway, sadly the field is not paying well too with the belief that healthcare is community service. Such potential setbacks are “drugging” the fight against drug abuse to what we are seeing today. Soon or later thing are going to become worse I told you they are not at the moment.

I have never travelled abroad to find out how hard or expensive it is to get a prescription but I appreciate our Kenyan doctors since they will never prescribe anything illegal with intentions of enhancing their profits. This should translate too at the pharmacy level, more importantly the community pharmacy. The freedom of being able to prescribe and dispense over the counter should not be abused for selfish gains. “Helping” an addict with substance abuse just for one moment, is not helping them at all, but only aggravates the situation further.

Being a trusted professional let it remain at NO PRESCRIPTION, NO MEDICATION and you cannot get it that anywhere else. See you next time and thank you for your time.

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