Cap 244 To Give More Room For Pharmaceutical Imports

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

There is always the perception that when you have your own pharmaceutical company which is importing products into the country then you might just be making more than 100% profits. This is true. Cap 244 well known as the pharmacy and poisons act is being reviewed for some considerations and that is either going to be good news or bad news once the health bill reaches parliament. The constitution may give equal rights both for the diploma holder and degree holder to import and do wholesale distribution of poisons. This is where the mess begins at. Some pharmaceutical practitioners have a feeling this is going to be a key to numerous unlimited possibilities.

The pharmaceutical business is doing well; there is so much hope for more success in the coming years. Experts and experienced professions on the other hand are worried a tweak on cap 244 could bring down the healthcare system in no time. There is less or no research going on and the number of professional healthcare think tanks keeps going down as new graduates come in to the industry. This could derail one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s strategic objectives, that is, Universal Health Coverage. As a pillar for the Big Four Agenda the main aim is to develop the country’s healthcare system and provide all Kenyans with access to quality and affordable healthcare. This could be achieved by allowing more people to import but unfortunately the benefits could outweigh the risks.

The health CS thinks this may disorient the Pharmacy and Poisons Board main goal which is, “to make better provision for the control of the profession of pharmacy and the trade in drugs and poisons”

“If we already have challenges with the few that are importing what about giving more room…” The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Health, Sicily Kariuki views on the healthcare bill.

There is mixed feelings out there among pharmaceutical practitioners on this topic, anyway a few issues for a fact are going to come up; There is going to be no research with great business. Uncontrolled reckless importing of drugs could lead to more generics & some substandard drugs. Trust issues between the consumer and pharmaceutical practitioner might even become worse. We will have a controlled drug crisis. Patients might get access to cheaper medicines whereby the quality can’t be guaranteed.

May any changes being made be to the best interest of the public, the future is in our hands, decisions made now are the ones that determine our future.


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