For Those Using Copy and Paste Prescriptions to Manage Covid-19

Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Nairobi

The virus has proved to be such a hard thing to manage. When restrictions were lifted everyone thought it will be easy to live with our problems as long as we follow all Covid-19 protocols laid in place.

It started with let’s open the country a little, well schools can operate, we are defeating the virus and the vaccine is here… for once things seemed to be moving and it felt “semi-normal”

Then, boom third wave!

Where there was a ray of hope life just became difficult and expensive.

It is tough especially when you are living with kids or taking care of the elderly who require close attention.

And the fact that we are back to default settings more money is being spent on healthcare and food.

There is a new vocabulary of words that we are exchanging “health-wise”, which is anything that can help manage our complicated problem.

So far most of us are familiar with Azithromycin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Hydroxychloquine, Ivermectin, paracetamol, low dose aspirin and probably some other antibiotics I didn’t mention.

Also, you have been told to get a pulse oximeter-you need to have one in the house.

By the time this pandemic is done with us, we are going to regret why we spend money on certain things but still grateful we overcame all that.

It looks like there is something you can get from a pharmacy when you are feeling certain signs and symptoms. The same prescription with the items I mentioned above seems to be making rounds online through social media groups.

What looks like a honest person helping others might turn out to be risky.

There is something really powerful about social media groups and shared experiences that I have noticed in the recent weeks.

We are easily magnetized by “I used this and it worked very well for me, so go get exactly this..” and that information reaches hundreds of thousands of people or even more in a split of a second.

So many flaws.

I am going to say something about supplements and also antibiotics on this post because I noticed there is so much misinformation out there.

I saw someone in chat saying they needed a prescription for antibiotics for “protection” since they had just received their COVID-19 vaccine which clearly signals that there is a problem and that is misuse of antibiotics without knowing.

The manner in which information about drugs is being shared on the socials is so influential in such a way that it drives several people into pharmacies to get the same thing due to panic buying.

This is either on prescription or without prescription.

The problem is, we’re are soon going to deplete stocks for key antibiotics if people are getting prescriptions for “protection” instead of treatment. There is also risk of antibiotic resistance since they’re being taken carelessly when they should be taken when necessary.

You should take antibiotics only when you have a bacterial infection that is not going away on its own.

Supplements are much safer and can be purchased over the counter.

The bond between supplements use and good health is even more significant in light of the growing number of COVID-19 cases. There is so much information about supplements everywhere which had not been shared before.

Have I reached the age of taking supplements?

I take my supplements in the morning, so yes!

Supplements can be take by both kids and adults at any age , there is no age restrictions. Most people assume supplements are for the elderly and children.

Supplements are products with vitamin C, Zinc or vitamin D etc. Always seek advice from a healthcare provider if you are thinking of getting supplements for the first time or not sure what to get.

Supplements are good for our overall well being and can help manage health conditions.

This means you can get vitamins that help boost your immune system hence the body can fight diseases on it’s own without the need of going for antibiotics.

Although if you are feeling unwell it is recommended you visit a health facility for check up where medicines such as antibiotics will be prescribed.

There is a certain threshold of self reliance and complacency that your way of life must give you for you to be able to sail on, the pandemic has taken this from us. But we are in this together.

I am hoping this post has helped you understand something about antibiotics and supplements which probably you already knew.

So, anytime a list of drugs or supplements has been shared in group conversations don’t rush to buy them, first of all, seek advice from a healthcare provider.

Stay safe, if you are able to access the vaccine, get the jab.