EasyMax Blood Glucose Meter (How it Works)

EasyMax blood glucose meter

What is EasyMax?

EASYMAX is a glucose monitoring kit that comes in two forms; an EasyMax MU for multiple users at clinics, hospitals, and so on, and an EasyMax mini for one user at home. EasyMax MU has more features, apart from being small and simple, it has a strip ejector and a to facilitate data collection.

EasyMax mini is a glucose monitor for home use. It is intended for adults (over age 18) diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

EasyMax glucometer proposes more remarkable advantages, leading to fulfill an unmet need of self-monitoring of blood glucose. It is an easy to use device that enables and encourages users to check their glucose readings more frequently, with less pain or incremental cost.

How do you check your blood glucose readings with EasyMax glucometer?

With its relatively low cost, keeping check of blood-glucose is simple. Once the blood sample is provided, the device transmits the results within 5 seconds. The user can take the sample from the fingertip of the forearm or besides the fingertip the user has an option of testing other places of the body, he or she can alternatively test the forearm or palm. Only a small amount of blood sample is needed for the device to an analysis 0.6ug to be specific and can measure sugar levels between 1.1-35.0mmol/L.

Testing your blood glucose regularly can make a big difference on how you manage your diabetes every day. EasyMax mini self-monitoring blood glucose system is designed to be reliable, user friendly and efficient to help you monitor your blood glucose on a regular basis.

The meter is small easy to carry especially when you are travelling. EasyMax glucometer works on a unique principle of electrochemical biosensor technology with unique added features hardly found in most glucometers i.e. before meals, after meals and time symbols to help know what time a certain test was taken.

Where to buy EASYMAX in Kenya.

EasyMax glucometer is available in major distributors and wholesalers within Nairobi. If you would like to purchase EasyMax monitoring products such as meters and strips, request your local pharmacy or chemist to order for you. In case need help on how to use the meter; your healthcare provider can take you through the steps on how to use the same.

What type of individual should purchase EasyMax?

EasyMax glucometer is essential for diabetes patients to monitor their daily blood glucose readings.

EasyMax glucometer is also intended for pre-diabetic patients as an informative tool that can assist in the prevention or delay of diabetes and its related costs.

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