Book Review – Educated: The international bestselling memoir

Author: Tara Westover

A bipolar parent tries to put his family together but challenges turn out to be worse. He kicks his kids out of school denying them formal education. He tells them that home school is better than government run programs. The children rebel and go against their dads wish by seeking college education. Tara Westover turns out to be exceptional. It is through that education that her eyes open up to the world. She discovers her dad, whose commands she had been following throughout, was misleading them. He had warned them not to seek public health treatment in any hospital bragging that their mother’s herbal medicines were more than enough. All this is guided by some religious beliefs. Her mother seemed to be siding with her dad although didn’t like what they were going through. She struggles with midwifing at the beginning and later becomes a true midwife. She progresses on to invent her own range of herbal medicines through trial and error. Her herbal medicines business turns out to be more rewarding attracting more customers from all over to the extent that she becomes the bread winner of the family. Tara’s dad gets a bad fire accident and ends up depending on her mum.

Tara Westover explores some conspicuous issues in her book Educated, from religion, child labor, girl child education, feminism, rigid parents, and civilization. In her book she explains how her own father and brother mistreated her together with her sister. She mentions the challenges of her getting college education as a girl child. It is hard to imagine that religion can actually affect someone in a developed country into not seeking better treatment while they have enough money to support themselves.

Educated is a very interesting book and once you grab it for sure you will not place it down. I liked Tara Westover’s good educated English. She is good at combining words that will make you laugh and at the same time hold your breath. I literary laughed while reading about how one of her brother got burned.