Gay rights, “non issue” – Kenyatta

YOUR PRESCRIPTION will soon be a “non issue” if more focus was directed to more important issues for instance  healthcare. Kenyans patiently waiting for president Uhuru Kenyatta’s take on Gays and lesbians rights were wowed by his wise response;

“This issue of gays is not the foremost of problems, we have bigger problems to deal with, it is difficult to force people to accept that which they don’t want, 
Our issues are different, healthcare is critical,we can not impose values people don’t embrace… there are some issues Kenya does not share with USA, THE GAY ISSUE IS A NON ISSUE FOR KENYA”

Indeed gay issue is a non issue in Kenya as the US president  would agree.. “It is nature for friends to disagree in a while on issues just like we have on gay and lesbians rights”   Actually from presidents Obama’s remarks it’s clear that he neither supports nor opposes gay and lesbians rights but he’s treating this issue based on the principles he believes in … equal rights to everyone and a group on people shouldn’t be treated differently. Obviously USA is not Kenya and vice versa, but there are common grounds available, and these differences can be sorted on the way.

But this is not important, what really matters is president Uhuru Kenyatta mentioned HEALTHCARE is critical which I honestly agree.  Although I’ve mentioned this before, I noted that there is relative paucity of healthcare centres in Kenya and this calls for urgent need to direct planning efforts to adapt systems that will ensure proper provision of services such as; clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Much has been done I must mention DP. Ruto’s efforts are just early steps, if continued support is maintained, helping hospitals to optimize their processes and assure quality healthcare , this will make it perfect.

I have high hopes with Obama’s $1 billion Kitty to promote entrepreneurship in Africa, although not related directly I’m glad women and youth are going to benefit more.   In this year’s 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), president Obama revealed that the US will put up three women entrepreneurship centres in Kenya, Mali and Zambia. I won’t say how but I understand women will think about health.

I wonder if your prescription will get any cheaper but for now, that’s a “non issue”

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