Going Forward With the New Habits

The park is still empty

21 days with a mask is a new habit. A usual day never ends without you ensuring you’ve secured a mask from a hawker or your usual pharmacy. Perhaps we need to adjust to this new way of life and live with it.

As days go, everyone is already overwhelmed with the pandemic. No one wants to here anything about it. I have noticed I am skipping anything that is taking about the pandemic on social media. 

I meet people (so I am meeting people) and they say this thing is not there. But when asked to explain why they think so, no one gives a proper answer. Mostly it is just the propaganda that has been circulating over the internet. If fact when it’s a group of people everyone agrees to this thing not being there. Well, for me I think it’s confirmation bias.

Everyone seems to cheer up when they hear people say, “this thing is not there”. This is so because that is exactly what they want to hear. The most obvious irony here it that people are still observing what has become the song everyone is singing – wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitize and social distance.

Most people are happy to come out of their houses and meet people like they used to. It’s a shock when they find out that, we have a new normal out there – no shaking hands and the 1 meter social distance which is awkward and stupid. There is more, and it’s becoming difficult for people to interact freely in public.

Businesses have gradually started opening up despite more cases being reported. People have mouths to feed of course. No one cares what’s going to happen tomorrow, it is impossible for anybody to know exactly what might happen, or when. The WHO warns the virus is here to stay and might not go away. 

By now, it’s clear that we might continue wearing masks and washing hands and these might become our new routine for a while. 

Going forward we’re looking at the risk that might come with wearing masks for long hours or not wearing the masks at all. For instance the pain to the ear and the headaches that people are complaining about. 

All am trying to say is that there is confusion and it is possible for us to interact in the meantime under strict rules and new set of habits for survival.

Life has to go on as researchers work day and night to develop a vaccine. 


  1. So true life has to go on no matter what. The poor are worst affected by this pandemic. May Almighty heal those who are suffering and put and bring an end to this pandemic soon.

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