How Is Acnes Mentholatum Doing In Nairobi?


Acnes is currently the best-selling and fast moving beauty product for acne or pimples. Comes as acnes metholatum set and acnes treatment set is what most ladies are going for in beauty shops and supermarkets. With a few months of thorough advertisements in the streets I thought it’s time for; how is Acnes doing in Nairobi?

The beauty of a woman mostly depends on her face, not just women but both genders. The face is what essentially gives the first impression anywhere, therefore a face that has so many pimples can lower a person’s self-esteem especially females. We have number of females who have moved from one dermatologist to another seeking to have a smoother face with no success. Most dermatologists are very expensive and what they prescribe to be used in several months is not cheap either. Women are active users of beauty products and what works well to one she’ll recommend the same to more than three other women. These women are still searching for a product they can trust and they are willing to pay even more for so long as it is giving better results.

Every time I ask females who have been using acnes for a few months they as say,

” it was good but…”

“Acnes worked for my friend but it didn’t work on me”

“My skin started peeling”

“I stopped the pimples are back again, do I need to use it forever”

I get surprised since those, are not the answers I expected from the users. Stopping use of a product because your skin started peeling of is not a valid reason for stopping the use of a product, this could mean you are not using that product well or you are not following the instructions carefully. Acnes set of product has; creamy wash, sealing gel, toner and one to remove black spots and one of those could be the one affecting your type of skin you not being aware.

Most women like products that work affectively without bringing in more complication, a complain like acnes peeling of their skin could lead to them dumping the product and going for the next new one in the market. This will actually affect the sales for no apparent reason, maybe they are not using it well or it’s not working … you never can tell.

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