How Reading Books Turned to be a Personal Investment

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

My vocabulary has improved, I learned new phrases.

I improved my writing skills; reading different books exposed me to differed arts and styles of writing.

Reading has developed my social skills and how I interact with people. The vast knowledge I download from books keeps me slightly ahead of most people I interact with.

I am able to organize myself and prioritize what is important and meaningful to me. I used to waste time but after reading this two motivation books I tried to change a few things in my lifestyle. I found out I had plenty of time to do great things.

I have become self-aware on basic facts about the world and how I can avoid being misled by a negative mind set.  

I have development the art of meditation which is therapeutic and keeps me stress free. I feel rejuvenated all the time and fresh to learn new things.

My creativity has grown. I used to be fixed to certain things but now I feel I can do more, both in real life and also in my writing. This has helped me start new projects which I am excited I will be sharing out soon.

I have developed the art of valuing other people’s opinions and attitudes. Instead of hating or avoiding them I try to learn and pick out some positive attribute they possess.

Reading other people’s work has motivated me and encouraged me to work hard at personal level despite the challenges that may come across. The most important thing is giving the best and only the best.

I got a personal challenge, I stopped existing and started living.

EDUCATED my perception about education changed after reading this book. There is no reason for having excuses once you have the feeling that you need to have more in your life. Tara was able to go through college without formal primary education. That only happened through hard work and dedication.

FACTFULNESS this book insists on having a positive attitude which certainly is true. Some people may get the impression that the world is becoming a bad place according to what the media wants those people to know about. But instead the world has improved!

LOST AND FOUND some books are there for us to read and enjoy. That feels good. I like it when a book gives me the curiosity of finding out more. The chemistry of love, the choices people make and just lifestyle being narrated in a book is cool.

THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI a human being has to be taught how to live happy and fulfilling life; this includes being taught how to live with other people. This is the book!

ZERO TO ONE we need to think differently because the future might be complex than we have ever imagined. This book is like a pace setter on the need to start something new and useful. Are we just about to say,” There is nothing to invent”