I Miss Working Late Night

Late night prescription refills

I remember that day very well. I was happy to be part of the meeting and me being new it felt good. I called the day late hours prescription refills. That was my first day working late night, incredibly I loved it. The meeting had been set up early in the morning so that by 8a.m we were open for business.

My first encounter was rather embarrassing. I have never had the confidence of talking about it. When writing late hours prescription refills I selectively omitted the event. This was a lady probably in her late 20s and she needed something for a UTI. It hurt me and I still laugh at myself for the fact that I was clueless and so green.

The help I got from my then seniors was exceptional and positive. There is a lot that I miss now that remind me of that day.

It is confusing to know that I am living in between two normals. I don’t know whether I should adjust completely to the new normal or hope that we will soon go back to the old normal. Working late night was exhausting for me but since things changed I have learned that there is a lot I am missing.

I miss working late. I miss moments when regular clients would just come to the pharmacy to TALK. Right now no one is ready to spend a minute in the pharmacy. Get your refills as you go – no more calling in with flu symptoms even.

Because of the masks it is hard to tell who is who until you hear their voice. I feel people want to talk but they can’t because of the situation. They have toilet paper and soap in the house that they want to share but just don’t know how.

The only thing I have heard from strangers (customers I am not acquainted to) is that their living rooms is full of masks they’d like to sell. If you listened to the conversations from these strangers you’d think it’s a deal of narcotics you’re about to strike.

These are the people who are praying for the pandemic to hang on a little. News that the disease is here to stay excites them.

But seriously who is ready to breath recycled air their entire life, with frequent migraines. Or die for not wearing a mask.

No one knows whether we will ever shake hands again like we did after that meeting in the morning. Some staff hugged one another. To sum it up, I miss how I smiled at customers that day and they smiled back.

The customer experience has changed, I miss the conversations and I miss the late night experience.

I am not sure who we are anymore.


  1. I’m a ‘hugger and only realise ‘it’s not allowed’ when I happily reach out to hug and the other person fearfully draws back…..hm

  2. I appreciate your honest sharing so much. These really have been incredibly difficult times. I am so grateful for the grace and strength of God and the hope that only He can give! May He bless you in His love, my friend 🙂

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Can you imagine it’s almost nine months and we are still in the same situation. I am thankful certainly we’re sailing through.

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