Is Livia App Going to be the Solution For E-Prescribing?

Livia app launch

In summary

  • Livia app is a platform that links patients/clients to chemists or pharmacies targeting 100,000 users.
  • The app is being launched in Nairobi after successful in Mombasa.
  • Livia is location based where chemists within proximity of two kilometers can be reached.

Have you ever wanted to buy medication online but after surfing the web for hours you couldn’t find any site you that are significant. Well Livia app may possibly be the solution for you, this app in actual fact acts as a nexus between you the client to the most affordable and closest chemist to you. The platform is one innovative step in the history of Kenyan healthcare that is cost effective and allows a client fill a prescription at the comfort of their bed, office or wherever it is.

The app comes in two versions, Livia for chemists and Livia dawa app meant for the person purchasing the medicines. Dr. Samuel Murawoj, CEO Livia app during the app launch with healthcare providers said the app is not just a basic app but is meant to generally put several users on the same platform i.e. patients, new visitors to the country (tourists), chemists, doctors and even insurance providers.

Livia app is extremely easy to use by anyone with a smart phone, it is location based almost in the same way as uber, air bnb and Pokemon Go where the user taps to find the nearest chemist within a two kilometer radius. All the user needs to do is submit his order and chemist close by can give their quotations. The chemist with all the medicines and the cheapest will be selected, medication is then supplied once the person as paid. Payment may be done via mpesa or cash at the chemist selected once the client has been notified the order is ready.

In healthcare events, the most important individual is usually the patient and thus livia app is all about quality and efficiency to serve the basic needs of a client that’s why it’s creating partnership with big, reputable, affordable and well stocked chemists in Nairobi like Transchem, Salama, Malibu, Pentapharm, Hartlane, Haltons, New Lemuma, and Twinkle etc. The selected chemists are required to fully fill a prescription order and make sure it has been delivered to the customer on time, poor service may lead to lower ratings or eventually the chemist may be blacklisted and if the same trend is repeated severally the chemist is completely removed from the platform. The customer can rate a chemist one stars or up to five stars after receiving their order based on the quality of service experienced.

Livia also handles insurance clients; this made Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) chair, Dr. Mwaniki challenge Dr. Murawoj whether he is prepared to handle slow payments usually two to three months. The company CEO assured the members at the conference during the training of the app launch stating clearly that Livia will handle the insurance part and follow app with the payments as chemists deliver medicines and provide service. He added that on their side they’ll try to negotiate with the said insurers to reduce the period to one month to avoid delayed payments. And of course payments to chemist remain as agreed with the chemists.

NB; Chemists mentioned on the article are just a few that attended the Livia app training on Saturday 27th May 2017, Livia app will be coming to your chemists very soon.

There will be positive advancement for the app in future for patients and healthcare centers like hospitals to ensure excellent relationship where doctors will be able to do ePrescribing a feature that is expected to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

The Livia app is available on Google Play and App Store for download both for android and apple. You’ll find it in two versions, Livia Dawa App & Livia for Chemists by Neotech Kenya Ltd.

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