YOUR PRESCRIPTION has changed again, yes life is a storm, you’ll bask in the sunlight one moment,be shattered in the rocks the next. That’s what exactly happens the moment your prescription becomes expensive, meaning more money will be spend on your healthcare budget in this era where healthcare costs are going up daily. But what’s the reason your prescription’s cost is going up?

This should have been one article with the previous one, but I must admit that July babies are special and expensive. You could be wondering why your pediatrician is giving you a very expensive prescription and it’s only July… bills haven’t been paid. The treatment of children is one of the most challenging tasks imaginable. You might think children are young adults but most of then are delicate and have unique physiological and development needs. And this means any slight change in your babies condition should not be taken lightly or ignored.

Why am I getting a prescription with cefuroxime, cetrizine, prednisolone and a bronchiodilator for my baby just turned two years? Planning treatment for your child isn’t an easy task, first you thought your child is not complicated, to save costs the the number one person you went to is your pharmacist. But which pharmacist would want to prescribe poisons to a less than two year old? Most of then would want to play it safe and refer you to your paediatrician or personal physician. Furthermore most less than 2 year old prescriptions are off label and tailored depending on your babies condition.

It’s sad that Kenya is one interesting country where a parent will leave their child in the house then walk into a chemist explaining my baby is feeling this my baby is feeling that and medication will be given to them over the counter. If the medication doesn’t work they’ll walk into another chemist for differend medicines not caring of giving previous history. One thing they forget is, they are risking their babies life and only the paediatrician or physician is the best person in keeping theirs kids medical history accurate. Lack of strict treatment guidelines too is another issue which brings unavoidable confusion since most diagnoses are symptomatic.

We’ll all agree there is global shortage of healthcare providers and Kenya is such a victim, interestingly a small percentage of middle class Kenyans if you’ll ask most of them have seen the same doctor twice in the last four years. Again this is a real opportunity to learn from , and a perfect best experience to learn from in redefining modern healthcare. To sum up much is needed if possible spending more on healthcare for its rapid expansion of provision.

Still YOUR PRESCRIPTION remains expensive.

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