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Vwani Late Hours

While everyone else whines about income inequality, I’m something about it. I’m looking for a side hassle, it is shocking that my brain can’t wrap around exactly how this could be. I need to cater to the desires of my heart which seems to mostly involve spending more time on the internet clicking links.

To practice being a blogger I spent most of my hours checking local blogs. There are a lot of upcoming blogs, some have been there for a while. BAKE has registered some of them, about me I want to be discrete and extraordinary, personalized, I wish to give something not overwhelming but always there so guys can’t miss anything.

I scribbled something into my notebook, this was going to be my first blog post, is when I arrived at the daily meeting, which began with the usual insanely charming managing director. Looked like customer service was the key thing, will I have a job? What’s being a pharmacist like? I tried noting down everything to save me a lot of trouble trying to memorize stuff.

His vibe, it turns out, is way more than I thought because I had underestimated a lot. He has a profile of most clients back in his mind. One client filling their prescription two years ago had slow service, which will definitely not happen again. There are a lot of people referred to as “sensitive customers” which I’m pretty sure means “total jerks”. One doesn’t like their pills in pieces, if it’s a strip let it be a strip. Another will want medication and water given to him as other clients sit waiting. And one women believe it or not demanded to be addressed as miss Kenya 2015, though in fairness,she was just an ordinary lady you’ll meet next to Ambassador Hotel  waiting for a matatu to take her home early in the morning.

Before my shift, I asked the in-charge what to do if a client asks me for something illegal, like dispensing prescription only medicine (POM) without them showing their prescription… Alfred recommended saying, non – judge mentally, “we just can’t do that because we can’t guarantee the quality of the experience. He will however, agree to get just about anything legal.

“I’m going to see my doctor next week, just misplaced my prescription”. This can’t cure one problem though, no more arguing about refills for psychos. Doctors will be forced to ePrescribing of anti-psychotics to prevent their offices from being swarmed by people buying a hard copy. Nothing better can come out of this.

When I started my night shift I noticed that truly Nairobi is a sex den, this time guys don’t ask much. That’s because “mpango wa kando” sex is always urgent. I noticed these group of people like the rest of us are last minute guys. They also like disco restaurants, night clubs with hot chiqs and drinks that involve blue moon and the rest lately banned. We are heading to a city with regular alcoholic beverages and casual sex.

Still I was impressed at some of the ingenious ways men used to ask for libido boosting pills. One lady had to figure out something, she drew on a piece of paper what she wanted, later we learned she needed emergency pills, we had no problem selling that to her.

At the end of the night before I left the in – charge called me and said I would make a great pharmacist. I had kept my cool and bantered with some of the clients and I got useful connections admittedly largely at this pharmacy. Next time when am prepared to serve, my first question is going to be whether pharmacist are allowed to make mistakes or not.



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