Late Rxs Are The Worst

Your prescription is a few minutes away, fatigued that city is for you and me to nourish. One hundred metres down the valley of paradise then climb. A beautiful city stands majestically and squarely on a piece of prime land owned by who knows what. Walking, walking Johnny Walker got tired with alcohol and where is he now? Liquor is bad, profits made with never ending money bottle after bottle. Left side state of art edifice, cascade hypnotically onto the hypothesis most secure path. Nauseating, looking down at the economic progress.

Uncontainable metastatic dripping melanin flowing leisurely on meticulously prepared virgin land to provide a nexus between the two gradients. The white caps protecting busy golfers hitting towards the arena from the sun rays. A fleet of parked waits on the upper lane toward the arena waits for traffic to open up as hawkers figure out ways they can put bread on the table. The course is tranquil concealed in green beautiful trees.

Incised half way through time is not on my side, eat-exercise-limit. Oops! I can’t recall that, “say that again?” Eat, and ooh yeah limit that alcohol intake. Sweat pouring in between my arms; I am probably burning some calories. Slow down, breath in, breath out… I have to deal with this since the sun is setting as the day begins. Slap that sick shoe on the ground, which is not enough you are looking messy huh. Sorry but you got no option but to deal with that.

Late Rxs are the worst. Your doctor wasted your eight plus hours at the clinic but you want that prescription to be filled in thirty seconds because of time. Then we reach the point of bargaining, can that price be lower is the same as “how do I take the meds?” The meds sometimes turn out to be more important than the doctor, how crazy is that? Random I have forgotten my prescription and other stories follow up later, I assume for a case like the one that nothing much can be achieved.

Clears glasses with tissue then wears them back fitting them in position with the index finger. I need to bath of this sweat so that we can begin the day. That playlist should be playing in the background as I flex again before I take that cold shower. I must be there on time for that prescription.

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