Lost and Found

Book Review – Lost and Found: A Romantic Suspense Thriller Series (Desperate Secrets Book 1)

Author: by Sienna Hart and Julia Becca

Andre Villanueva, corrupt, greedy and suspected to be having cancer has grabbed an orphanage and collects money for donation using it for his selfish gains. Gwendolyn Manasti a young pretty aggressive woman feels for the kids at the orphanage and thinks the money collected could do more even built fifty more homes for children. She decides she is going to buy the orphanage in an auction.

Romance begins when she decides to seduce Andrew with aim of getting more information and secrets behind the orphanage. Andrew falls into her trap and is madly in love with her. But unfortunately Andrew doesn’t win her heart instead she falls in love with John, Andrew’s brother, while volunteering at the orphanage. She also befriends Martha their sister. She later finds out there is something fishy about the orphanage taxes payments. There is romance, hatred and guilt.

I am certainly going to read book two and find out more. I was left in suspense yearning to begin book II. This is a great romance book, if you are into romance this is the book.