Most Kenyans Living In Nairobi Don’t Eat Food They Have Cooked In Their Houses By Themselves

Been a while since I wrote something, my head feels empty because I have been busy lately. I mean everyone needs a rest, good for for the money better for your health. Last weekend I decided I should rest, so I took a walk in my mtaa just to see how people go through with there lives… Just to catch up. I discovered something interesting I would like to share.
Debate on how Lifestyle disorders is affecting most middle class population has been going round, and honestly it’s hard to advice anyone on a diet these days. Actually most Kenyans living in Nairobi don’t eat food they have cooked in their houses by themselves. Food is bought from tiny food dens and kiosks. 
Because of waking up early and returning back to the house late, guys don’t have ample time to prepare a meal. Most are tired and all they need is already prepared food by the street. It is also very expensive to cook a single meal in their houses , on average  a majority of them are paid peanuts so they can’t employ a home cook. Furthermore it is not practically possible because most of them live in single rooms or one bedroom where space is limited.
So I checked in one kibanda that looked popular, just to check what they offered in there menu. The entrance was busy nyama choma all over being smoked. There was a lot of mud, water had spilled all over, but this seamed no issue for the regulars. Open sufurias of Githeri, beans (madondo) ,ndengu were piled open. I had to jump over a huge sufuria with what looked like grey soup to a bench where I was to wait to be served. One of the cooks making chapatis had pointed out where I should sit as he continued making his dough.
I looked confused, most guys had ordered food before going to sit ready after washing their hands from a tap outside. I looked around aimlessly trying to adjust to the environment. Luckily a sexy looking ratchet ghetto gal came to my rescue.
“What do you like to eat?” 
I thought that was kinda rude but stayed calm. I few minutes later I was served with beef and ugali. 
I must say we have a shortage of public health officers in Kenya. I would expect them to shut such  places long ago. But if they shut them down we’d have no place to go and that’s why I think they’re leaving them alone. There are lots of eating dens and kiosks where hygiene standards are wanting and below average. Away from hygiene , the quality of food is still low. Then you’ll find most doctors telling their patients to observe diet, with this kind of food? No. This is food that is meant to make your stomach full and that’s all.
Quite a number of people have argued that so long as the food is hot then you are safe. Still I don’t think so but I would say food is what keeps us moving and if you can afford a better meal you are healthy.

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