My Chronic Neck Pain

My chronic neck pain

I have never felt this way before, excruciating neck pain that I have never felt before. I am also having the worst migraine ever; I am sweating profusely and my head feels hot. I wake up to go pee, midway to the bathroom I get a glass of water; sadly I don’t have any analgesics with me.

I stagger my way back to bed, I can’t even turn my head sideways. I rest my head to the pillow looking into the ceiling. I have been feeling this pain three weeks now-left side persistent neck pain.

Most articles online are saying the pain should go away with time but this one is too much now. I would have to break down the anatomy of the neck so that I find out where this pain is coming from.

I have been working on daily neck exercises, which seem to temporarily help in relieving the pain. Basically, my day depends on two things, one is how I slept and two how I exercise the neck in the morning. It gets worse more if I don’t exercise at all.

Sometimes I have to get pain killers to help with the pain but having in mind that pain killers don’t treat the condition at hand I prefer avoiding them as much as possible. I’m still stuck to Google which might be having the answers.

That was me in September 2017.

Quite a bad year for me, I would say an analog of 2020. There are plenty of crazy ideas I came up with to try and stop the pain. I am thinking of doing a list of what worked for me, later.

The last thing I wanted to do was see a physician, I don’t know why – but it is what most people recommended. It pained me more typing into Google “how to manage chronic neck pain” every now and then. I had seen some prescriptions of patients with chronic back pain and even after the X-ray, MRI, or CT scans the best they got from specialists was a list of strong painkillers.

So as my pain worsened, I began working on my habits. Doing exercises really helped although it was hard to be consistent because of maybe work fatigue. I also worked on my bending on the phone for long hours. The pain would go from severe to dull and then back to severe, a cycle.

I kept investing my money on new pillows frequently with hopes that comfort will take the pain away. I remember bargaining for a special pillow in a shop selling medical equipment and it was very expensive. That is when I thought I needed to see a specialist.

There was a need that I should see an orthopedic surgeon, it didn’t matter whether I was to get a prescription with painkillers or more pain killers. So I started looking around for the most expensive specialist and comparing who is charging what as consultation fee.

Finally, I was ready to agree to anything but not surgery. This was shortly forgotten, a month later is when I remembered that indeed I had struggled with chronic pain. I couldn’t recall the day the pain went away but I am sure my habits played a key role. (I will share in detail sometime).

I am glad the pain went away although I occasionally feel discomfort when the neck is strained.

I know so many people are struggling with different kinds of chronic pain that is not going away. I am just thankful my pain went away the moment I seemed hopeless.


    1. True, it took sometime before I learned how to rest my neck well while I sleep. It was painful. I just wanted the pain to go and am grateful it did.

  1. “I am just thankful my pain went away the moment I seemed hopeless” God never burdens a person beyond his capacity. He knows what a person holds in the heart even before we utter it. All Praise Be To Him Alone.

  2. I’m glad the pain went away. It’s good that you have an idea of what might have triggered it and you are now taking the necessary measures.

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