Nairobi July Cold & Flu

It has been long since I posted something, last time I checked was when I was reading a re-post of one of the posts re-posted through another blog. I must say thanks because my blog statistics show even without sharing my posts there has  still been activity. I feel special with you being my number one motivation. To me this is like coming back home, this time round I want to keep it perfect and simple.

We are a few centimeters into July and everyone is trying to keep warm, since it’s very cold most of us have already started taking antihistamines. Your nose is snuffy, your throat is scratchy, you are sneezing and you have a headache, it’s either a cold or flu since symptoms overlap.

Last week I couldn’t help it when got a cold, while I hate taking medicines I kept juggling between antihistamines because most on them don’t work on me. Today I told my roomy to make her usual concoction because her sore throat just got worse since we are not communicating with the way her voice sounds.

Simon just called a few hours before I wrote this, and he was complaining of what he said were needle like chest and back pains. Their last business meeting day in Naivasha and already he’s missing Nairobi.  Usually with such trips he complains about stomach problems .

I can’t forget to mention how things are getting  funnier with #KOT s  “I’m talking like an ICC witness because of homa “.  So what’s the difference between a flu and a cold? Again everyone has their version of answering this. But it’s simple, if they are one and same thing why do we say flu vaccine and not cold vaccine.

Actually while cold typically resolves quickly symptoms can last up to approximately two weeks, contrary flu symptoms are generally mild and in most cases do not lead to any serious health complications.

Any questions? I think I’m done here, I’m not just ready to dilute anything. This is just a blog and I’ve been out there for long, I really missed this.

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