Nairobi’s Doctors Are EXPENSIVE

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is expensive? It’s August and the price of your drugs might kill you faster than your disease. Let’s talk about how your doctor is expensive, yes doctors are expensive. Seeing a doctor is becoming very expensive daily, while we have shortage of healthcare professionals in Nairobi there is no option, costs keep rising. Most people are relying on nurses and buying OTC medicines from community pharmacies. Some patients go through the internet, because Google seems to have answers to everything, they can type their symptoms and find prescriptions easily forgetting this is very wrong and could be dangerous to their health. Some people get forced to seek further medical attention or even treat worse conditions.

Prescription only medicines are being sold over the counter in almost 80% of chemists in Nairobi, saves time because of the long queues waiting to see a physician also saves your pocket consultation fee. I don’t wish to discuss more about who you are supposed to see between a doctor and pharmacist, let me put a full stop at this point here. Only patients with insurance cover are the ones who’ll will comfortably walk to a doctor for consultation and go fill there prescription fully. It’s interesting the way emergency situations are handled; if it’s an emergency buy not critical take to KNH, If it’s an emergency but critical take to Nairobi hospital.

The most frustrating thing is, you’ll find it difficult to fill your prescription in one pharmacy without them telling you to wait for missing drugs to be sourced elsewhere. What would have been done in one day, consulting a physician and buying drugs takes like two to three days.  Patients are forced to miss out important medicines, either they will buy then later or never at all. This therefore means improper treatment which in most cases leads to treatment failure because patient X missed the indented synergistic action of the drugs. Some medication are meant to mask side effects of others, not taking them together will trigger side effects forcing patient X to stop his/her therapy. Other patients buy half dose, once they feel better they stop taking medication and forget to go back for the remaining dose . Days later they begin complaining about the same problem.

There is need for dispensing chemists to set standards, if you can’t feel a whole prescription don’t dispense it. Unless otherwise doctors need to weigh options and prescribe affordable prescriptions because branded medications can be too expensive for the patient

There will be always 1,2,3 tablets missing, but if you could fill YOUR PRESCRIPTION in one chemist the better.

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