New But Useful “Weed”

Phone addiction is becoming more chronic than addiction to any type of drug. Tried avoiding your phone for more than a day? Leave alone a day, let’s say more than one hour… You will be very anxious, who called? What if someone special had an emergency. Even more, in places of worship some people can’t switch off there phones for only an hour or two , the phone creates in you fear that would have been avoided.

That phone never gives you a piece of mind without it. Two decades ago these gadgets were not there but people survived without them, life was simple. The key molecule that keeps one on the phone is internet, it’s automatic for most of us when browsing through our phones to open Facebook as the first internet page. Twitter has made things worse, Tweeps spend long hours looking for followers and trying to stay relevant in the name of being “bigwigs” . There is always that guy who’s always tweeting every thirty seconds 24 hours a day.

Nature doesn’t set out to deceive us. We don’t even set out to deceive ourselves. It is simply that we cannot cope, all at once, with the clutter of information and emotion that is delivered to us. So we consign that to the attic of our conscious and say, “I’m not going to miss the next model version of the new iPhone 6.

Having a new gadget is not an issue, also keeping up with  what is trending in the social media is awesome but the major problem is, how much time and money do you spend just to stay relevant?  Is it worth it? Although the internet is making things much easier, most organization’s performance is poor because employees want to save one more minute for them to be online.

A good tool for advertising social media is, most companies have taken it for online advertising which is very efficient. Most bills can be paid through a mobile device by just a few clicks without moving a single step ,opening a bank account or applying for a loan  you’ll not need to go queue and fill forms in the bank. These are just a few things that the mobile phones have made easier for us. How we use these gadgets still remains a challenge only the future will tell. 

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