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The other day I was checking the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) website; I am so impressed they finally upgraded the design of their website. Usually when I am browsing through any website, my concentration primarily is always on the design more rather than the content. The site amazed me when I first clicked the link to the home page, a clean, parallax and user-friendly site opened before me! I am constantly appreciating web design, I must say the pharmacy, and poisons board website is exceptional. I understand there could be better local sites out there but still PPB site stands out as one of the best.

The pharmacy and poisons board is simply the body mandated by the Kenyan Constitution under cap 244 to regulate the importation and distribution of drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is one low-key underrated healthcare institution but highly on demand since at the end of the day medication has to be dispensed. This is where the PPB comes in to ensure quality, safe and potent drugs reach the patient. Fundamentally, they ensure hawkers do not sell fake medicine to you and me in the streets so that professionalism is maintained in dispensing medicines.

For healthcare providers directly involved with dispensing and need renew or pay for licenses the PPB portal is one vital page. You will all agree the page loads up very fast and back to what I was saying at the beginning of this post user friendly which is key having in mind users don’t like pages that take years to load like traditional iTax and HELB pages. This portal has saved many people, and this is something its users should value, for instance manual registration of premises used to be overwhelming and it would take months for a premise to inspected and registered for one to begin business. Now there is less need of going to the PPB physically since most services are online only for some forms that you may need to fill online then download and submit in person. Given that there is high demand of people looking to venture into pharmaceutical business, with the new site it is far much easier whether it is setting up a pharmacy or it is a new product/drug being registered.

The website has a blog page, although the last time I checked there was less activity I guess they are still working on something.  I am pretty sure and hopeful that in future the blog page is going to show posts that will provoke conversations with the aim of initiating improvements in the Kenya pharmaceutical industry. I am certain and otherwise sure this might help with research and follow up on issues that are dragging the pharmaceutical industry behind.

To sum up and this is the best part of them all is that they are introducing CPD very soon. This is going to help with continuous professional growth since we have a very huge disparity among professionals especially now that there is constant change in the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board is doing well and there is a lot to look forward to.

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