Night Time Over The Counter (OTC) Cough Suppressant is Now Prescription Only Medicine (POM)

Night time cough syrup

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board has banned Benylin with codeine alongside other cough suppressants that contain codeine phosphate as the active ingredient. This means you will need a valid prescription from a physician for you to get a bottle of the same. This is good news and at the same time bad news, good news since this will help in controlling the abuse and bad news is that addicts will have to go an extra mile first to get a prescription before they can buy any syrup. The sales will also go down since these products will become slow moving.

Cough medicines are medications used in those with coughing and related conditions. Codeine is a centrally acting cough suppressant. This ingredient causes drowsiness and when taken in high doses it makes someone high. Continuous use of the same leads to addiction and dependence. Addicts can visit a pharmacy frequently without even having a cough. Some buy several bottles from different pharmacies to avoid being flagged or noticed.

These are some of OTC cough syrups addict’s favorites;                             


Each 5ml contains;

Promethazine hcl bp 4mg

Codeine phosphate bp 8mg

Ephedrine hcl 8mg

Menthol bp 0.5mg

Actifed dry cough & cold

Each 5ml contains;

Pseudoephedrine 30mg

Triprolidine 1.25mg

Codeine phosphate 10mg

Benylin with codeine

Each 5ml contains;

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 12.5mg

Codeine phosphate 10mg

Ammonium chloride 125mg

Phencod Cough

Each 5ml contains;

Promethazine 4mg

Dextromethorphan 8mg

Ephedrine hcl 7.5mg

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