No More Random OTC Codein

Photo by Pretty Drugthings on Unsplash

The moment an Rx friend of mine hit my WhatsApp with information that all OTC products with codeine including BWC were to be pulled from the main shelves to behind the counter I knew it was going to be chaotic after all. I wasn’t feeling anything like writing about it at that time I needed time at least for absorbing that shock. I was like “…but our store can’t do without codeine especially BWC our sales are going to fall”. That was like hot cake! I really felt the pain especially with no more random OTC betapyns dispensed.

Some biznus almost closed down before the recent PPB crackdown when PPB inspectors where draining the swamp. There is BWC on the shelf that is stagnant, cannot be sold. No Rxs coming through and without undertaking letters No returning back to supplier. Where a normal day boasted with give me a #6 pack BWC & 3 packs of Byn that came down to 0. At least some physicians are throwing in a three day dose of codeine tablets on coming prescriptions which is not bad.

On a regular day we are getting used to no prescription, no conversation. The street significance of codeine syrups became relevant with zero to supply in the black market. It appears that everyone wasn’t just ready for this kind of scenario. Now diazepam, BWC, Byn and other narcotics that require Rxs are cruising in the same boat and probably they will catch up with rohypnol. Guidelines are now at kindly give me your prescription please and let’s not argue about that. No more please talk to my doctor excuses, instead get a handwritten one – they will read.

I lied! No one is prescribing any codeines first place, but did we die? The pharmacy is still decent with less codeine activity on the counters and as a matter of fact they weren’t that necessary. #Panadocetamo is still working well for acute headaches. And yes, we have alternative cough suppressants on the shelves which are less addictive. Although lawsuits and bills out there are after the legalization of marijuana I am also quite sure it is also going to be a POM

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