No Party Is Complete Without Booze And Girls!

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash
Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

No party is complete without booze and girls! Ha-ha! It iseither come with girls I have alcohol or come with alcohol I have girls.Alcohol must be the best discovery all time. No one, not even a pharmaceuticalcompany is yet to discover a molecular formula for a drink that brings peopletogether other than alcohol. The confidence and success alcohol generatesregardless of the situation is undisputed. Alcohol brings successful peopletogether just like it brings failures together also alcohol can put the richand the poor on the same table. Despite all this alcohol is rated one of themost dangerous drinks contributing to % of deaths every year.

Almost 90% of Kenyan youths living in Nairobi are taking alcohol more than three times a week some even on a daily basis. There is no complete party or gathering that is complete without alcohol, if it is not provided by the event organizers it will find its ways there since someone is always carrying their alcohol there. Some even contribute “changa ya mzinga” then send someone to buy and sneak it to the event.

Alcohol causes impaired judgment, and this is what everyone goes for when they are enjoying it not caring about the risk that comes with that. Excess alcohol drunk doesn’t kill since when a person takes it excess they will vomit it later but excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. Someone may die by inhaling the vomits. Through impaired judgment alcohol may lead to poor decision making that they might end up regretting later or worse lead to death.

Drinking and driving yourself home is not recommended as alcohol impairs vision or sometimes causes drowsiness which can lead to an accident. One may get HIV or STI by sleeping with a partner unplanned and not using a condom or if a condom is used changes are high it will not be used correctly. Too much alcohol can lead to dependency making them lose moral in family and work. This may cost someone their several years of marriage or their job. Girls can get unplanned pregnancies or get sexually violated by strangers.

Youths need to regulate their alcohol consumption and avoid peer pressure as that is what introduces many of them to that. Do not drink and drive, get someone to drive you home – get a taxi instead. Girls don’t go about drinking excessively by yourself have a close friend with you and if a stranger tells you to stay all night drinking with them tell him you have an early morning appointment with your gynecologist.

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