No! Why Work 24/7 For A Paybill Payslip

YOUR PRESCRIPTION happened to be filled by someone else on Friday night because I decided I was not going to dispense any prescription since I overheard a great party was going to happen at splash. That meant music, drinks and hot girls. So I called Sue and asked her to stand in for me as a lokam. Less experienced, but never mind so long as she can sell most over the counter (OTC) medications thanks. I dodged one regular client on my wait out, can’t fill one more prescription 30 minutes is a lot of time to waste. I dashed out carelessly, pretending am getting something from a restaurant.

Then my nigga collo saves my bus fare, fcuk! the party was not going to happen at splash because of one, two, three logistics. Good news the party had been moved to Rongai, this meant several hours in traffic before I land there but the thought of me going back to the pharmacy didn’t ring a bell. Later in traffic Collo was not picking my calls, when I he picked there was a lot of noise and I couldn’t make a thing from what he said. The music in the background and the gals yelling, “IDFWU! ” like an anthem acted like a switch button for my adrenaline.

Two hours later, am in Rongai, new mood already installed in me. I felt cheated, lied, betrayed, faked to find the dance floor empty. Only two guys I didn’t know were on the floor dancing. No liqueur, no food, no drinks no… nothing! Too much energy I jumped on the floor, pulled a few moves which didn’t synchronize, I got bored. Outside looked like guys were fighting, oops!  That was Collo trying through a Floyd Mayweather on Ben, drunk as if he was swimming in alcohol.  None of my business I thought. But I felt tired and hungry, 50% bored because the music playlist is all I wanted to hear.

01:00 am, I curled myself in one corner couldn’t go home, at one AM  was told it’s not safe. Night was so cold I kept fighting mosquitoes biting my face some camping in my ear. Sue might be in that kind of mood nurses from the wards asking where is so and so, I hope she handle them. I got used to that kind of shit. But they have to cope with her because all they can is walk away  and tell their patients medicine is not available in our pharmacy. At such an hour a microscope would come in handy because what is scribbled in the prescriptions is just Greek.

I must have been drugged without alcohol, I hardly wake up at 10am. You can guess what had happened ,.most of the guys had left to go “unlock” their heads . Everyone minded their own business , I had to stagger my way to the bus stop not because of alcohol but fatigue.

I might need a Prescription soon

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