Nothing to Dispense

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nothing to dispense

So today I am here thinking of writing about nothing. I am tired of reading these prescriptions; they are not making sense anymore. I have never been in this state of thought before. Today I am clueless af, let me put that ink on paper, then type it later. I must be high on something, Ooh and those prescriptions are goanna fill themselves.

Being in an empty thought of action is equivalent to being in an unlimited longer duration of happiness. Moreover, it is unpaid for, essentially it is having a lifetime free plan with no monthly or whatever subscription. Lately everyone is willing to pay for anything that has a prolonged duration of action, yes nice and slow release and of course beneficial. To some up that all long paragraph in one sentence effectiveness is key. What else do you need other than pleasure lasting longer?

The third paragraph is typically the climax, ooh yeah so I could do this. I have done this and the feeling is amazing. As this is sinking in, it is not about time I am dropping my pen, wait for another day to do what again if I am not going to finish this now. Imagine doing this without being on any prescription from a GP… what if I was on prescription huh! Alternatively, probably on an OTC syrup maximum dose doubled in one take. Shit can be amazing in any way you want it to be.

So once again, well I mean as we are cooling this down without water or a non-alcoholic soft beverage, let us not forget we are just passing time. Let nobody tell you that you need to calm down while you have no idea why you are supposed to calm down. Being on a fast onset of action and short duration of action should not worry anyone like we just did in less than 10 minutes.

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