Response Is Perspective

By Peter Wanga

At the heart of communication lies facets that make it expedient, we bear our personality with us wherever we go, to school, to work, in a relationship… Everywhere.
The whole conception of communication is the honor of God, which is one of the intangible elements that connects us to him and defines as us human beings. The core of communication builds itself in three foundations; attitude, listening (perception) and response.

Attitude is the expression of favour or disfavour towards a person, thing or event. How should we feel? Regardless of how we feel at any given moment, our goal at the end of the end of the conversation for instance should be of positive outcome, any conversation should always open and inspire our mind.

The reason we have two ears and one mouth is because we are meant to listen more than talk. We should always take amble time to listen without divided attention to whatever the point the person we are conversing with is trying to bring up.This allows time to understand and give correct response after getting the right perspective of the subject matter at hand.

Response being the high note of a conversation sugar coats the foundations of communication after considering the first two aspects, response automatically sums up everything. Depending on the situation a conversation begins at, our attitude will determine the success of the response from the other party

In conclusion despite our misgiving or perception, or person we are communicating with, for a happy ending the success or correct standing depends on which stand we take while communicating. Happiness is no magic billet but evidence is clear and compelling that it changes our odds of getting disease or dying young. Actually attitude protects us against poor health later in life and may be a powerful antidote to stress pain and illness.