Crack Down On Medical Quacks

The ongoing crackdown on health practitioners operating without licenses and those not qualified in pharmacies and medical centers within Nairobi has seen shut down of multiple medical businesses that had mushroomed within the city suburbs, as many have since found themselves on the wrong side of pharmacy and poisons board law. This action has been taken to ensure quality healthcare is provided as required by the profession.

The common trend by many people  of acquiring medication without prescription from a physician is said to be the major setback in providing quality healthcare. Usually the client or patient explains what he or she is feeling and from the symptoms the pharmacist dispenses medication. This appears to save time and money that would have been spent consulting the doctor. However things have always turned out differently, although in an ideal situation you should be able to trust that you have been given correct medication, have you ever stopped to ask yourself these questions; Is this medication right for my condition? Is the person selling medication to me qualified?

The pharmacist too can take wrong diagnosis since he is in a hurry to clear the queue of impatient waiting clients. Ponder this, you are trying to save money, you go to a pharmacy and medication is prescribed to you, you are given wrong medication to take home, your situation worsens and you are forced to see the doctor you had ignored at first. The bill becomes huge since you have to pay more for consultation and  medication again.

Sometimes some people are reckless when it comes to taking hypertensive medication. It can be tricky adjusting to antihypertensives but this doesn’t make it such a serious condition … but some people can make it be. There are people who fail to understand there situation and keep walking from one pharmacy to another seeking unprofessional assistance instead of sticking to one doctor. Most fake operating practitioners are not keen to observe there medical history. This is the reason the pharmacy and poisons board insists prescription medication be dispensed only through prescription from physician