Conjugal Rights Verses Sleep

Medics recommend that a medical student should have scored highly in Chemistry for them to take part in any medical course. The student should also posses great capability in keen observation of practical experiments especially the tail part which is the most significant, mostly students take it for granted.

The chemistry behind love works almost through the same vein as this. At the beginning everything is enthralling but towards  the end the potency of love keeps diminishing. Terms like ‘from a region of high concentration to low’ can crop in at some point to define a trend of a certain relationship. I’m not saying love is some kind of experiment… No_

There is this growing trend among long time couples to have separate beds, for most adolescents this gives an impression of folks trying to keep their bedroom affairs discrete. The truth of the matter is most couples find it difficult sleeping in the same bed.

Women are the core victims and are usually on the front line to petition for separate beds or bedrooms. It is difficult to get good sleep when locked into each other. The idea of women being fond of holding to teddy bears at night doesn’t mean they would to be held all night long … actually it is unhealthy.

Sleep is very important, after attending to conjugal obligations everyone should retreat to there side and sleep. Although sociologists claim that most women would want to caressed after sex, most of them find it a chore as they only prefer to be cuddled less.

How about an ambush from slumber by a horny partner? Not all women are at ease with this. It is obvious that men and women have different sleeping patterns from biology, and when a woman is startled from sleep by his partner this could mean she’ll scuffle for sleep as her man by her side snoring.

So… There is always another options when you are just about to say “I’ll spend the night on the sofa.