Sell of postinor 2 and condoms on the rise on public holidays and weekends. A research across a number of chemists in Nairobi reveals that many people buy condoms and contraceptives at the end of the month or public holidays as the demand for these is always high at these periods. One of the pharmacist interviewed said that he sold more condoms on Fridays and on Mondays more emergency contraceptives were bought from his pharmacy. This is always the trend every month – every year.

He also noted that the age group that dominates this trend is the youth between ages 20 and 30. The elderly are too not left out he adds, he discovered that a majority of them buy Viagra and cialis to boost their orgasm. Mr. Nzioka a medical officer says this trend is worrying because these are the same men who lure young girls who are sexually active with easy money and making it easy for spread of the deadly HIV/Aids virus among younger and older partners.

The main drive for this Becky a resident in Nairobi says is the drive for money. She claims many girls are up for easy money and are potential bait for men who have just earned the sweet of their own labor. These girls find it easy obtaining money from men at the beginning of the month because most men have barely anything at the end of the month. They want it fat and still fresh.

As the government tries to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS it is good that people are taking the necessary precautions, but it can’t be figured out what happens in between the month.