Pesa Imepotea, “There is No Money!”

What does that actually mean? It is the economy, bro. You are used to buying a # 30-day refill but suddenly change to #14 or #7, or things get worse you begin #3 or #1. Patients are asking for cheaper drugs or going for generics. Generics do work and they are equally effective like the brand drugs.

Folks depending on their grown kids for refills, remain silent after they run out of their Rx refills. It is the economy, bro. If they can’t afford #30, that means folks will be calling through for #7 translating to four weeks a month. Who wants to be bothered every week while they are broke? You are trying to survive so that you make ends after all.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect. It is the economy, bro. The first week you manage to get #7 pieces. The week that follows, you struggle and miss out on some pills. You are not alone! Amazingly you manage to push through and survive. The next week you get another #7 and move on regardless of them saying you are not compliant. In the last week of the month, you do alternative days because the month is at the corner. For a refill with four or more drugs, the prescription gets more and more expensive.

Some patients kick out drugs they think are less critical especially painkillers and get them only when necessary. It is the economy, bro. Give me the first two, leave out the last three. It might look like your doctor wrote some drugs you really don’t need, but the main aim is actually cutting down the cost. You are not alone! People Google these days and surprisingly they only see doctors for a professional opinion or just to confirm what they previously know.

You have to save. It is the economy, bro. You don’t have to struggle with a very expensive prescription. As much as you need a better treatment outcome, a prescription you cannot afford will only frustrate you or at the end of the day, you don’t buy the medicines. Find ways of getting the prescription cheaper, ask for a better price or ask for a generic. Talk… Go back to your doctor he may suggest a better option that might cost less and affordable.

Some drugs are very expensive you might not be able to consider an alternative. Pambana na hali yako. Things will get better.

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