Qualities Of A Good Pharmacy

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Order brings about efficiency; design defines how organized a pharmacy is furthermore it depicts a sense of quality which everyone wants. The pharmacy has to be maintained clean since design alone with dusty shelves is repulsive. In fact a dusty pack of medication gives the idea of a product that has stayed on the shelf for long which most people don’t like.

Well stocked

Sometimes it is very hard to fill a prescription in one pharmacy but a well-stocked pharmacy with a wide range of drugs saves time and reduces costs. Instead of the hustle of moving from one pharmacy to another or having to wait for medication to be delivered all the drugs needed are available in one pharmacy.

Friendly staff

Friendly and interactive staff gives the customer the impression of coming back or recommending another client. A lab coat and decent attire adds more points to a staff being friendly. Understanding a patient and being warm to them makes them feel better even before the medication you have sold them kicks in.

Opening hours

The consistency of opening extended hours makes it more convenient for clients to get their medicine at the right time when they are in need. For early risers and late night customers which most of us are, a pharmacy like this is valuable because most of the day hours are spend at the various work area.

Consultation room

Consultation room/lab for private consultation and minor tests is very important. Some patients may feel uncomfortable explaining themselves over the counter and that’s why a consultation room is helpful. This room can be used to give complementary services which at least every standard pharmacy should have. This may include blood glucose test and pressure readings. More advanced pharmacies keep weighing scales where clients can find out their BMI which is vital in understanding the impact of your lifestyle changes.

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