Rats Ate $5K in a Pharmacy (safe)

Nairobi Eastern Bypass Highway

This happened in a 24 hour pharmacy in town. Everyone that happened to be around there have their own version of this story. I arrived at the scene rather late (crime). Rats, we were all suspicious how they managed to eat that all in hours. Well, there seems to be nothing wrong about that. The rats were regulars at the pharmacy, big in size and everyone had seen them. You get the bag and fumble it, I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (yeah). These were street rats they must have done that (the later). Investigation had already begun (Skr-Skr), not local, it was what they called a police case. Everyone was fatigued, everyone was a suspect.

CCTVs were being scrutinized. At some point the clips were paused, zoomed and they had to rewind too. Unanswered questions zoomed around. I thanked the fact that I arrived late. How the rats opened the safe was still a mystery. Someone must have forgotten to lock the safe, but that still didn’t ring a bell. There was no sign of evidence that is usually left behind by rats making the whole situation complicated.  One member of staff had been seen to have entered the safe room, but he didn’t stay for long.

This is a 24 hour pharmacy but certainly they decided to have it open late night instead. December is usually full of festivities so the management had technically awarded its staff opening late night instead of 24 hours as a present. Which, perhaps everyone seemed to enjoy. This meant the pharmacy was closed between 12.30am to 8am. Rats must have broken into the pharmacy at that time. Everyone seemed to agree to that. It made sense because the window was left open that previous night.

The CCTV analysts had decided to ignore the rats briefly to focus on staff a little. Although the rats wire the prime suspects, everyone was a suspect too. The list of suspected staff kept shrinking, that cheered us up. I was happy, for once I could think about other things. They narrowed down to like four staff. One staff had stayed in the safe room for what the clip showed was a quarter of an hour. Perhaps he was the fugitive they were looking for.

No one knew he was diabetic. It shocked everyone when he said that he had stayed longer to check his blood glucose readings. This was an explanation but not a good one. No one was satisfied by the answer. They continued playing the clips and more and more questions came up. The immediate one being why he came out his linen ballooned. Followed by why is had stayed outside the premises for what must have been more than half an hour. The answers he gave were quite sketchy. Despite the suspicions, the videos did not give a clear picture how the money was lost. There was no compelling evidence whatsoever.

The store manager was confused, upset and disoriented. He needed to have a proper explanation to the whole ordeal. There must be a way forward to this. Yes it was the rats that did it but how? The four fugitives were required to pen down their explanation regarding the incidence. Chances of the insurance paying were very low gathering by the evidence so far. But you don’t just die like a goat there must be something to cling to. The pharmacy went back to normal business, while the four walked around searching. I guessed they were either looking for a piece of paper or pen.

After half an hour, no one cared about time anyway, okay I don’t know how to put this but the list of suspected fugitives went down to three. Or maybe we only had one fugitive, because apparently one of them had disappeared. They said he had gone outside to get fresh air. This was a very sensitive matter, maybe he got attacked outside or worse he may have been kidnapped. The statement writing thing was cancelled as they waited for him to return. I was busy making sales on the other side. At the very moment I was busy showing some supplements to a client.

George never came back; efforts to reach him on his phone were futile. He never came back two-three days later. A week passed.

Versions of how he must have accomplished the heist were peddled everywhere in the pharmacy.

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